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Our five year strategic plan

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CHP’s Strategic Plan sets out the Company’s vision until 2024. 

Our vision is one where CHP is seen and experienced, internally and externally, as the leader in its field.

Our priorities over the next five years lie in the transformation of community-based, out of hospital, health and social care. We are ambitious, willing to innovate and take risks in order to deliver improved health outcomes in local communities.

People and systems

We can only deliver success through our people. As empowering employers, we will:

  • Promote employee well-being, development and recognition.
  • Inspire a Company-wide culture of innovation.
  • Prioritise ever more skilful collaboration, within the Company and with external partners.
  • Provide proactive, integrated data analytics to enable effective decision-making.

Investment Portfolio

As investment partners we will drive value and benefit from our portfolio by:

  • Fulfilling our leadership and management roles in public private partnerships.
  • Realising and utilising long-term value from our portfolio.
  • Collaborating and innovating with our partners.
  • Protecting the public purse through effective stewardship.

Property Management

As experts in managing infrastructure, we will put our energy into:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Putting our buildings at the heart of the community.
  • Innovative management of spaces and contracts.
  • Ensuring our properties have the capability to embrace digital innovation.
  • Further developing environmentally sustainable practices and procurement.

The Estate of the Future

As trusted partners in delivering world-class infrastructure, we will engage in:

  • Identifying business development opportunities with partners.
  • Developing new models of provision for the changing needs of health economies.
  • Delivering end to end solutions for clients.
  • Exploiting our expertise as developers of integrated multi-occupancy buildings

CHP is well established as a reliable investment partner and highly competent property management provider. In the coming five years we will build our expertise and leadership capability in the four areas above.