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Partnership working is at the heart of everything we do and we are working with organisations across all sectors to improve services on the ground.

We have particularly strong working relationships with other members of the health system, such as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Strategic Transformation Partnerships (STPs), Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) which have been strengthened further by our joint work during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we have all worked together to ensure that estate supported the necessary clinical changes.

CHP also works with a large range of delivery partners from the development, investment and financial sectors to attract investment that has enabled 350 modern, facilities to be planned, financed and delivered.

These have been built by a range of national and international construction companies with facilities management services provided by a mixture of local and multinational service providers. Similarly, CHP has partnered with both local and international financial institutions to access their private finance offerings.

As part of the overall funding package for developing the buildings, CHP invests equity and loan capital alongside infrastructure developers and investment funds.

This generates a market rate of return and contributes a stable financial return alongside the health benefits that accrue from delivering clinical and related services from purpose-built facilities.


One of the main priorities for us is to improve customer satisfaction across our properties and with our other stakeholders.  We have a programme of work designed specifically to do this, with the overall aim of increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining and improving high-quality services which ultimately benefit patients.

Public Private Partnerships

LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) Companies are locally based joint ventures between public and private sectors, which bring together the resources and expertise to invest in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country.

Today there are 49 LIFT companies delivering facilities within areas of greatest need and bringing real health benefits to those communities.

Investment to date exceeds £2.5 billion and has delivered 350 facilities.