Our purpose

As an NHS Company we work in partnership with local health and care systems to provide innovative and sustainable spaces for patient care.

Our vision is to be a leader in shaping the care environment for locally based services.

Our strategic aims

  • Leading the future shape of the care environment of the future, advising on policy as leaders and innovators
  • Working with partners and customers as part of the local integrated systems to provide facilities solutions
  • Delivering sustainable infrastructure offering safe, flexible, well-used and welcoming spaces
  • Providing value for money to our partners
  • Supporting our people to develop and deliver what our customers need


Community Health Partnerships is a DHSC owned company. Incorporated in 2001 we set out to improve community-based health and social care services by working to improve the NHS estate through public private partnerships established through the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) programme. Through these joint ventures and working on behalf of the NHS we designed, built, financed and operate a portfolio of over 300 properties. These health facilities provide high quality spaces for health and social care services delivered in local communities, especially in areas of high need.

In 2013 CHP was given Head Tenant responsibilities for 308 properties passed over from the former Primary Care Trusts (PCT). We manage the buildings on behalf of the NHS through our property and operational team. We lease space to over 1300 health and care providers who support tens of millions of patients and service users.

CHP has a unique set of skills and experience in primary and community care infrastructure development, property management and investment portfolio management.

We are a Company with a diverse and distributed workforce with regional offices in Manchester, London and Birmingham. Our properties comprise of 5% of the NHS estate portfolio.

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