An image of a reporter interviewing a nurse while being filmed at Finchley Memorial Hospital

Filming and photography at CHP sites

Our buildings are multi-occupied, supporting a range of services for patients, visitors and staff.  It is essential that services can run unhindered and that we create safe and welcoming environments for patient care.

Filming and photography for NHS or public sector use is generally permitted in our buildings but permission must be sought first.  All requests to film or take photography in a CHP building will be considered on a case-by-case basis but please be aware that the safety of staff and patients using our buildings will take priority and your request may be declined.

To request permission to film

Please read our CHP Filming & Photography Process (PDF) and discuss your filming plan with the CHP Operations and Relationship Manager (ORM) for the building you wish to use including:

  • discussing any parking and access requests with the ORM as soon as possible.
  • confirming who will be featured in the filming or photograph along with the purpose of the filming.

Please complete our application and protocol forms

Once completed, please send copies to CHP’s Communications Team: and the ORM for the building you wish to film in.   

Please note: All filming/photography requests must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the project date.

Consent forms

If permission is granted, and if applicable, you will also be required to add the necessary information to our Consent Forms, for both Adults (Word) and Minors (Word).  Please confirm if you will be using your organisational consent forms.

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