How we operate

Community Health Partnerships has three core business areas:

Investment and Finance

We are a 40% shareholder on all but seven LIFT companies. As a DHSC company we ensure the stewardship of the public interest in these joint ventures through our role as public sector shareholder.

We actively manage our investment in the LIFT companies and provide effective stewardship of the public private partnerships through monitoring, evaluating, driving value and benefit from the portfolio.

As Head Tenant in 308 buildings we also manage the payments and charges in relation to the leasing and management of the portfolio.

We also have corporate financial performance targets set by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Property and Operations

We inherited the role of Head Tenant from the former NHS Primary Care Trusts in 2013.

Our property and operations function covers health and safety, technical advisory and property developments, who deliver our Capital Programme. They deliver safe, sustainable infrastructure that provides value for money and aims to lead in the adoption of professional standards for the type of facilities managed. ​

Our property and operations function will:​

  • Lead the adoption of professional standards where appropriate and ensure the professional approach of our staff to support our stakeholders​
  • Deliver sustainable infrastructure through our green plan, procurement and head tenant role to drive the adoption of more sustainable facilities​
  • Provide value for money in the services we procure and deliver, as well as transparency. ​
  • Be properly resourced to meet our responsibilities for our buildings and our customer’s expectations.

Strategic Business Development

Our strategic business development team works with Integrated Care Systems to support delivery of Integrated Care Systems’ future place-based infrastructure needs, driving the use the LIFT buildings as core assets.

Our in-house estate strategy, optimisation and property expertise is well placed to mobilise quickly to support ICSs to develop and implement their ICS infrastructure strategies. Our people will partner with ICSs advising on how our buildings can respond to changing patterns of health and social care delivery. This includes access to established supply chains and acting as the informed client for NHS partners.

Our Strategic Business Development Team also work on national programmes such as the Primary Care Data Gathering Programme and the Primary Care Network Service and Estates Planning toolkit.


Three key enabling functions of Digital and Transformation, People, and Communications support the delivery in our three core business areas.

Our regions

CHP is a company with national reach. We operate across five regions, and our teams are aligned to the seven NHS England regions.

Each of our five regions have a Regional Director who is the main point of contact for Integrated Care Systems and Integrated Care Boards

Region CHP contact
National James Bawn, Strategic Business Development Director
North West Andy Muir, Regional Director
North East Jane Fitch, Regional Director
Midlands James Weaver, Regional Director j.weaver@communityhealthpartnershi
East of England Simon Waters, Regional Director
London Philippa Robinson, Regional Director
South East Simon Waters, Regional Director
South West Simon Waters, Regional Director
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