Community Diagnostic Centres

Delivering Community Diagnostic Centres locally

Key questions

The Case for CDC and the national programme

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC) are a national imperative. They provide a range of tests in community based settings. As a key part of the elective care pathway, access to early diagnostic tests will reduce the time it takes patients to be diagnosed and treated for serious conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, improving patient outcomes. Find out more about the case for CDCs.

Our CDC offer

Utilising existing community-based NHS LIFT estate is a great option for delivering CDCs. We draw on our experience and insight from across the out of hospital estate to help commissioners and providers maximise opportunities to provide these vital services for patients outside of the acute setting. Doing so at pace and achieving greater value. Find out more.

Community Health Partnership’s LIFT buildings provide a ready-made solution for community diagnostic centres in many places – they are high quality, accessible buildings managed by an NHS company which specialises in providing innovative space solutions for patient care. With flexibility to accommodate different CDC operating models this should be a natural starting point for ICB’s seeking to increase diagnostic capacity in community locations.

Community Diagnostic Centre case studies

Find out more on delivering a Community Diagnostic Centre in an existing core asset

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