Our CDC offer

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Space in community locations

  • High quality, core NHS assets in areas of high health need
  • Flexible buildings, that can be easily repurposed
  • Community based health buildings. In some cases we already have at least one type of diagnostic service in operation
  • Improving utilisation and eliminating void space already paid for by NHS systems, providing greater value for the NHS and taxpayers’ money

Data and insight

  • Access to SHAPE Atlas data (population health and estates). 
  • Access to analytics & intelligence to provide local health data
  • Ability to inform better decision making on potential projects

Support for business case development

  • Specialist advice and support in developing business cases
  • Scoping the opportunity, including undertaking utilisation studies, options appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Access professional services within CHP & LIFT supply chain
  • Utilising CHP’s cost estimator tool to assist in generating realistic and accurate business case budgets

Project delivery

  • In-house and LIFT supply chain skills, capability and capacity to undertake construction projects to vary spaces where required to accommodate new diagnostic services
  • Clear and transparent delivery processes
  • Speed to market and rapid delivery
  • Sharing best practice and lessons learnt


Shared ambition

We work with partners and customers on a shared vision and objectives to deliver the best solutions and outcomes for local communities.

Collaboration and partnership

As an NHS company, we work in partnership with local health and care systems to provide innovative and sustainable spaces for patient care.

Skills, scale and capability

Our people are experts in estates strategy and optimisation, space utilisation, property management, property development, construction project management and the management of partnering services.

Value for money

NHS LIFT buildings are high-quality, well maintained health properties. We proactively work with our partners to identify opportunities to provide more services while making the best use of space and getting greater value for money from these core NHS assets.

Informed client

We understand the NHS and its infrastructure needs. We have the in-house capability to act as the informed client for our NHS partners and take responsibility for the ownership, management and delivery of a defined project or range of services on behalf of our partners.

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