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CHP is committed to the continual improvement of utilisation across our portfolio and maximising their value to patients and providers.

Our 309 NHS LIFT buildings are modern health infrastructure assets, part funded through public capital, and are continually maintained to a high standard. These key buildings are recognised as long term core assets and CHP want to work with local health systems to continually improve their relevance with co-location and integration of out of hospital health and care services.  

We work closely with customers and partners to develop plans to reduce un-let areas in our buildings and make the space as well utilised as possible for the benefit of patients, staff and the health system.

The health system is complex and we recognise that a shared vision with commitment from the right players is the best way of improving success.

CHP has developed a toolkit for improving and maintaining utilisation of our buildings taken from the pilot areas we have run to date. This Utilisation Toolkit will be launched in July and is centred on the following 5 key areas:


Engaging with the right people, from the right organisations at the right time is critical to any successful change project. A planned and sustained approach to engagement backed by commitment from those organisations from decision makers who can make things happen.

Data and technology

Data combined with intelligent analysis is a powerful tool to drive engagement and inform decision making. We use reporting tools such as from booking data and utilisation monitors to enhance our understanding of the use of space.

Shared vision

Agreeing a shared vision ensures that all stakeholders buy in to what the project is trying to achieve and are working towards the same objectives.


Delivering better building utilisation requires partnership and collaboration. Good governance ensures that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and decisions are made in a timely manner.

Delivering change

Improving building utilisation is the output of the strands of activity covered by the stages above. Opportunities to improve utilisation usually require dedicated projects around a particular issue in one building, rolling into more benefits elsewhere and a culture improvement that all the stakeholders recognise as lasting benefits. Our Toolkit contains several examples.

If you have any queries about utilisation or wish to enquire about space in one of our buildings, please contact your local Area and Property Asset Manager (APAM) or our National Utilisation Manager.