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CHP Green Plan

During 2021/22 CHP committed to establishing sustainability initiatives and developed our CHP Green Plan ‘a Greener CHP, a Greener NHS’ to provide clear direction on how we can contribute to the Greener NHS net zero carbon ambitions. The CHP Green Plan ‘A Greener CHP, a Greener NHS’ outlines how we are working with customers, LIFTCos, ICSs and suppliers to contribute to the NHS net zero carbon ambitions ( We are committed to supporting our customers with their sustainability ambitions including reaching net zero carbon.

We worked hard on baseline data, including developing a Digital Estate Strategic Plan, and worked with LIFTCo colleagues to gather information. In March 2022 we launched our Green Plan working on delivery plans, targets and actions.

We are embedding our Green Plan into our business, committing resources and the action we will take to ensure it is a success. Everyone at CHP can play their part to meet our sustainability goals and we will be supporting our staff to make changes. 

CHP Green Plan Objectives 

  • Corporate CHP to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030
  • LIFT Portfolio to be Net Zero Carbon by 2040
  • Meet our annual reporting requirements and obligations as a landlord, such as the minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES) and energy performance certificates (EPC).
We set out a roadmap against three themes:
  • Embedding the Green Plan
  • Digital and data
  • LIFTCo Partnerships

We will decarbonise CHP corporate activities and reduce the environmental impact of running the organisation, for example by waste reduction, increasing recycling and procuring renewable electricity. 

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Our key areas of focus 

  • Workforce and Systems Leadership Ensure all staff from the Executive Board to frontline colleagues understand their role and responsibilities enabling CHP to achieve Net Zero Carbon and our Green Plan objectives. Provide training and education materials, accessible to all. 
  • Digital Transformation Leveraging technology, systems and tools to streamline service delivery, reduce carbon emissions and improve reporting. By identifying digital enablers, we plan to capture, validate and visualise our emissions and Green Plan progress.   
  • Travel and Transport Encourage, support and enable staff and tenants to adopt zero and low carbon, sustainable travel. 
  • Estates and Facilities Engage and partner with our LIFTCos and tenants to focus and reduce scope one and scope two emissions arising from the estate and facilities we provide. 
  • Supply Chain and Procurement Ensure procurement policy and procedures integrate carbon reduction and social value metrics throughout our supply chain and enable the delivery via contracts and services we procure. 
  • Adaptation Identify assets at risk of climate change. CHP will advise on actions needed to ensure assets remain fit for purpose in the face of our changing climate. 
Get in touch with our CHP sustainability team:  
CHP Green Plan 2022 (March 2022) - PDF

In March 2022, CHP published our 'Green Plan: A Greener CHP a Greener NHS'. We are embedding our Green Plan into our business, committing resources, supporting staff taking action to ensure it is a success.

Foleshill Health Centre view from the East
Case study: Foleshill Health Centre Coventry

In August 2021, CHP opened Foleshill the first UK Passivhaus health centre built using specially designed Portakabin modules. The £3.3m, 619m² primary care building serves up to 10,000 patients in inner-city Coventry with five consulting rooms and two treatment rooms. The building is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the NHS estate.

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