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The future is digital

We are continually building our digital capabilities by leveraging digital technology to streamline our service delivery, improve reporting and to become greener.

Digital is an enabler to support the delivery of the Integrated Business Plan 2023/24 (IBP) by providing a secure and robust digital infrastructure and accurate performance and monitoring information to drive decision making and equip our people with the right tools, systems and technology.

Digital and technology projects

We have a new asset management system which houses data about all 308 properties across our portfolio and includes information such as which member of staff is responsible for a building as well as information about the services delivered there.

We have been undertaking a range of digital projects this year including the implementation of a new HR system across the organisation, reviewing the provision of wifi across our buildings and implementing the use of tablets for our operational staff.

Data driven decisions

In 2021/22 CHP successfully implemented a Data Warehouse in to bring together information flows from multiple CHP systems into a central place. Following this, we are continuing to transform our use of data and insights to inform evidence-based decision making

Valuable intelligence

Energy, utilities, and property performance information is important to inform future decision making and capital investment. Also, it is valuable intelligence that our customers can use within their own plans and activities, including Green Plans.

Driving efficiency

We have equipped our staff who are out on site with tablets, improving efficiency and saving time and have plans to use technology to support all of our colleagues further alongside a review aimed at streamlining processes.

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