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Buildings at the Heart

CHP’s Buildings at the Heart of the Community initiative aims to encourage local community groups and charities to make the most of our buildings by enabling the use of space in our centres to host health and wellbeing related events.

We have welcomed many events on our sites, including health awareness days, health campaigns and supporting local health and wellbeing festivals.

Our operational teams on the ground, work closely with tenants, local communities and charities in supporting them deliver local initiatives for the benefit of patients, building users and members of the public.

Health led artwork unveiled at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre

Artwork pieces have been unveiled at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre in Dulwich, SE London. This is a two year project with NHS South East London ICB and the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

An image of a volunteer from community integrated care working in garden
Inclusive gardening project at Newton Community Hospital

A two year inclusive gardening project at Newton Community Hospital celebrating the Rugby League World Cup. CHP in partnership with charity Community Integrated Care and Renova.

Group shot of community event at Parkview Centre for Health and Wellbeing
Wellbeing community event at Parkview Health Centre

CHP worked in collaboration with local LIFTCo partner, West London Health Partnership and Fulcrum, investors in Parkview Centre, to support the recent W12 Festival, a community event held in Wormholt Park, West London.

Booking space at CHP buildings for community events

Are you looking for somewhere local to hold an event or for your group to meet up?

If you are:

  • a registered charity
  • a local support group or community organisation
  • a patient group (or other health and wellbeing group)
  • a local school

then our buildings are available to you, as long as your group and planned activities meet a few basic requirements.

You can use our waiting rooms, atriums, meeting rooms or consulting rooms depending on what you need.


Generally, if there is no cost to us then there would be no cost to you for occasional use. Sometimes there may be costs for the use of specific rooms or facilities, or if you are asking to use a building out of hours, but we will discuss these with you as part of your booking.

Accessibility Guides

We have partnered with AccessAble to create Detailed Access Guides for every CHP building. These guides describe the journey from first arrival at one of our buildings, providing step by step information about the facilities available within the centre such as the location of the passenger lifts, reception areas and accessible toilets.

Terms of use

Any activities taking place in our buildings should support the local health and wellbeing agenda. All groups and members using the building must respect the confidentiality of others attending the building, whether patients or staff.

Buildings are usually only available during normal opening hours for that building. If you want to use a building out of hours please ask as part of your booking.


  • Using the area(s) you have booked, and any of the building’s communal areas.
  • Voluntary collections to support the charity or group.
  • Sales of small items such as crafts made by members of the group, and small amounts of food items such as cupcakes (subject to adequate hygiene procedures). Any issues around this, such as health and safety considerations, are the responsibility of your group or organisation running the activity, not CHP or its tenants.

Not allowed:

  • Going into restricted areas of the building, or areas you have not booked.
  • Political activity.
  • Taking photographs or videos of building staff or users without their explicit consent.
  • Commercial organisations selling products/services, or attempting to sign members of the public up to subscriptions or regular donations.
  • Sticking anything to walls or doors – if you want posters displayed in the building please mention this during your booking.
  • Engaging in any behaviour which is considered detrimental to other building users.

We can ask any organisation, or its members, to leave the building if they go against any of these rules.

Book now

Please complete our Booking Application Form (Word) and return it to the Operations and Relationship Manager (ORM) of the building you want to book.
If you don’t know who the ORM is, please email and we can give you their contact details.

You can also get booking forms direct from the ORM at any of our buildings (CHP Property database).

If you want to book a regular or recurring sessions (for example, for a weekly group), you only need to complete the application form once.

Once your booking application has been reviewed and accepted, we will send you the booking agreement to sign which gives full details of what you are agreeing to when using one of our buildings.

CHP must have an authorised and signed booking agreement in place before any use of our buildings can go ahead.  This is because as the head tenant, we need to protect both ourselves and all users of our buildings. Until the booking agreement is signed, your booking is not complete.

Preparing for your event

Your Operations and Relationship Manager (ORM) can put up posters at the building to publicise your event, and also let the building tenants know so that they can help direct attendees on the day. Make sure you discuss any particular needs you have in plenty of time.

Car parking and public transport links vary for each building – you will be provided with information about what is available as part of your booking.

On the day of your event

Your Operations and Relationship Manager (ORM) will meet you at the building on the day to make sure everything is satisfactory and give you a basic introduction to the building and the facilities. We expect you as the organiser of the event to make all your own arrangements for getting to the building on the day and bringing any of your own equipment you may need.

There may also be furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) at the building that you want to set up.  Please return all furniture to where you found it.

After your event

You are expected to clear up after your event and leave things as you found them.

If you are having an out of hours event, your Operation and Relationships Manager (ORM) will help you with arrangements to lock up and secure the building when you have finished.

You will also be asked to complete a CHP Community Event Feedback Form (online) so that we can understand how we can improve these events for the future and see how many people are using and benefiting from our facilities.

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