Reception desk area showing different levels for accessibility


With thanks to the following people, who have created this inclusive design tool:

Project Lead Simon Waters Community Health Partnerships
Content Marc Levinson Murphy Philipps Associates LLP
Technical review Aileen Hogan Hogan Solutions Ltd
Copywriter Ranji Thangiah
Digital Project Manager Mark Whitling NEL CSU


On-going development and updates

Project Lead /Ongoing Development Simon Waters Community Health Partnerships
Developing content, referencing, & new components Aileen Hogan Hogan Solutions Ltd


Peer Review

The following organisations and individuals have given of their valuable time and expertise to support a collaborative, multidisciplinary critique that explored ideas around optimum utilisation, accessibility and ongoing development ideas for the web site.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who took the time to comment and review.

HDR dedicated workshop team supporting joint work-shops and reviews US and UK.

Liaison & Architect Michael Roughan HDR Architect
Design reviewer Tom Smith HDR Architect
Interior reviewer Jean Hansen HDR Architect
Architect & Community Fatos Peja HDR Architect
Clinical Reviewer Michaela O Kane HDR Architect
Accessibility reviewer Craig Hentrick HDR Architect
Acoustics reviewer Gina Jarta HDR Architect


Written and Verbal inputs

Director Rosemary Jenssen Jenssen Architecture Ltd
Chief Operating Officer Warren Irving Mental Health  
Area Director Peter Jones EMS Community Ventures Ltd
Executive Director Anna Nelson AccessAble
Estates and Business Performance Rachael Samain GbPartnership
Senior Project Manager Gavin Milner GbPartnership
Professor Dr. Phil Halligan University College Dublin
Senior Executive Manager Barbara Conalty Hospice & Facilities Management
General Manager Ian Willett Renova


Additional Component Review

Associate Access Consultant

Head of Consultancy

David Biggs

Karen Ross