Mount Gould Local Care Centre: Optimising Estates Through Partnership Working

Construction has commenced for the £6.9 million Mount Gould Local Care Centre (LCC) variation project in Plymouth, which will house the Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Service. Upon completion, the reconfigured facility will enable the delivery of neurological services from a modern and fit-for-purpose environment, serving both the local and regional population while increasing appointment capacity.


Mount Gould Local Care Centre is a large healthcare facility managed by Community Health Partnerships (CHP) in Plymouth. It is strategically positioned within the Mount Gould Hospital Estate, which encompasses a variety of healthcare facilities, some dating back to the 1800s. Ownership and management of the Hospital Estate is shared between CHP and its sister company, NHS Property Services (NHS PS).

The Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Service is currently provided from a neighbouring NHS Property Services-owned facility within the Hospital Estate, a short distance from Mount Gould LCC. This 15-bed inpatient facility caters to adults with acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions.

CHP-managed Mount Gould LCC opened in 2006 and currently offers a comprehensive range of services, including inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient care, and primary healthcare services.

The Approach

In June 2020, CHP commissioned gbpartnerships manage, working on behalf of LLC building owner and LIFTCo partner ReSound Health, to conduct a capacity and utilisation study at Mount Gould Local Care Centre. The study aimed to evaluate the current utilisation of the centre and the Hospital Estate as a whole, ensuring that both were fully utilised to their potential.

The Solution

CHP, ReSound Health Limited, gbpartnerships, NHS PS, LiveWell, University Hospitals Plymouth Trust NHS Trust, and NHS England, the utilisation study concluded with the following recommendations:

  • Relocate the Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Service from its outdated and unfit-for-purpose facility to the newer and more modern Mount Gould Local Care Centre.
  • Secure a £6.9 million capital funding variation from CHP to finance a major reconfiguration of Mount Gould LCC to accommodate the relocated service. The reconfiguration is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2025.
  • Reconfigure and refurbish the current NHS PS-owned Beauchamp Centre within the Hospital Estate to internally relocate some services and accommodate services displaced from Mount Gould LCC, such as Podiatry and Orthotics. The refurbishment contracts, totalling £2.95 million, were completed in the spring of 2023 and were capital funded by NHS PS.
Mount Gould Local Care Centre a modern timber clad two storey health centre with paths and gardens to the front
Mount Gould Local Care Centre


The reconfiguration of Mount Gould LCC to accommodate the new Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Service will be funded from CHP’s Capital budget.

The £6.9 million project represents CHP’s largest variation to date.  The project will be undertaken through several reconfiguration stages.

Delivery Partners

Collaborative working with both NHS and private partners including CHP, ReSound Health Limited, gbpartnershipsNHS Property Services (NHS PS), LiveWell South West, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and NHS England.

CHP’s Expertise

CHP will play a vital role in the successful execution of this project by providing the following expertise:

  • Project support and guidance
  • Operational support working with tenants, NHS partners, and service providers
  • Day-to-day support during construction through to delivery


  • Spring 2023 Completion of reconfiguration and refurbishment at Beauchamp Centre, to allow for podiatry and orthotics to be relocated from Mount Gould LCC to allow works at the site to commence.
  • Autumn 2023 Financial closed reached for Mount Gould LCC. Construction commences at the local care centre to accommodate Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Service.


The relocation of the Plym Neurological Service to Mount Gould LCC and the reconfiguration of the Hospital Estate demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services in a modern and efficient environment. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Read more: Construction work begins for new £6.9m Plym Neuro Service at Mount Gould Local Care Centre (Oct 2023)


Maximising the CHP NHS LIFT estate

Partnership working towards a shared purpose to deliver improved health outcomes

Improved NHS estates utilisation including disposal of unfit for purpose facilities

Capacity for additional appointments serving the local and regional population

Supporting place-based care, healthcare delivery of ‘one-stop shop’

Improved health and wellbeing for staff and patients


I am thrilled to see the variation commence at Mount Gould LCC. CHP are committed to ensuring that our NHS estate continues to make a valuable contribution to the delivery of health services in local communities and our buildings are positioned as core assets to support this delivery, once complete the new Plym Neuro Service will be a prime example of this. The increased capacity of appointments per year will benefit many patients and support the NHS in a time where it is much needed. Our partnership working and supporting NHS Devon ICB in their strategic aim, has allowed for this fantastic project to come into fruition, and I look forward to seeing the project progress in the months ahead.

The completion of this work will enable our Neuro Rehabilitation Service to relocate into a bespoke, modern environment within the Local Care Centre. This will provide long-term high quality accommodation, which will hugely improve the patient experience.

We are delighted to be working with CHP to deliver this important project that will bring significant benefits for our NHS partners and their patients and staff. The project has been informed by a utilisation and capacity study carried out by colleagues in the gbpartnerships consult team. Their analysis identified existing space that could be better utilised within the Mount Gould LCC further to improve primary care and bring together services under one roof. Once complete, the works will maximise the utilisation of a key NHS LIFT building and ensure that Mount Gould LCC remains a strategic asset over the long term.

This was a great project to be involved with as it had a combined focus upon improving patient outcomes by making best use of the Mount Gould estate footprint. Across both NHSPS and CHP and the overall health system there was a willingness to work both collaboratively and creatively to solve problems and keep a focus on what was important which in the case of Mount Gould was addressing existing limitations in the estate which was having a negative impact on healthcare delivery.”

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