Health and Safety Update: Competent fire persons


Community health partnerships (CHPs) prioritise the health and safety of everyone within their care. This includes fire safety. It has come to our attention that some tenanted areas lack trained fire wardens/marshalls and fire coordinators/incident controllers.

Fire Safety Regulations:

The UK’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 outlines responsibilities for fire safety. Here are key points:

  • Responsible person: There can be multiple responsible persons for a building, but each employer is responsible for their employees’ safety.
  • Employer’s duties: The responsible person (employer) must take general fire precautions, ensuring employee safety and the safety of others on the premises, as reasonably practical.
  • Appointing competent persons: The employer must appoint qualified individuals (fire wardens and fire incident controllers) to assist with fire prevention and protection measures.
  • Employee training: Employers must provide adequate fire safety training to their employees. This training should include instructions and actions to safeguard themselves and others during an emergency


Employee responsibilities:

Every employee at work has the following responsibilities:

  • Take reasonable care for their own safety and others.
  • Cooperate with their employer in fulfilling fire safety requirements.
  • Report any serious safety concerns or shortcomings in safety arrangements to their employer or designated individual.

Fire warden/coordinator roles:

  • Fire wardens/marshalls: Report information from their designated area to the fire coordinator/incident controller.
  • Fire coordinator/incident controller: Serves as the single point of contact for the fire service/emergency services, receiving information from fire wardens and facilitating evacuation.

Important points:

  • Fire wardens/marshalls and fire coordinators/incident controllers are not legally responsible for emergencies. Their role is to ensure safe evacuation.
  • Trained engineers or fire services personnel are the only ones authorized to reset fire alarms. Fire wardens can silence the alarm, but cannot reset it. This prevents elevator use until a qualified professional resets the alarm.

Free training:

CHPs offer free incident controller training (specific to your site) only when fire wardens/marshalls and fire coordinators/incident controllers are already in place. Please contact your ORM for details.

you can find relevant information on fire safety responsibilities and training on the official UK government website:

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