Health and Safety Update: Fire Wardens

CHP take, not only your health and safety seriously, but also Fire Safety.  As a part of being a tenant, CHP provide you with guidance documentation regarding not only your responsibilities but how to be safe. It always highlights tenants responsibilities.

It is the tenant’s responsibility under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRO). To help you understand your responsibilities as a tenant there is a guidance document provided, within this document it states clear responsibilities and what is required, especially the responsibilities of trained fire wardens within your demises. 

Under the RRO, tenants have a direct responsibility for the appointment of a suitable number of fully trained fire wardens for their demise who shall be responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring they allocate areas including toilets and common areas is clear an evacuated at the appropriate time during the evacuation.
  • Ensuring as many people as practicable possibly takes part in a fire drills.
  • Ensuring that staff are aware of the building fire safety procedures.
  • Ensuring visitors, disabled persons or others who were either unfamiliar with the building or require assistance for any other reasons are assisted to evacuate.
  • Reporting that the floor area has been checked and everyone is accounted for to the chief fire warden at the assembly point’s ensuring employees and visitors are marshalled at the allocated assembly point to ensure their welfare and prevents unauthorised re-entry.
  • Cooperate with the centre management team (ORM) on matters of evacuation provide a list of fire wardens and their areas of responsibility to CHP [and advised promptly when names changed] for display on the notice board.

Some tenants may be concerned regards GDPR with  the names of fire wardens on notice boards. However, signage will be in your demised area and in your staff office, so staff are aware who the fire wardens are.

Having a Fire Warden on-site within your demise is not only sensible, it is also a legal requirement.

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