Use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies in CHP Buildings to Protect Critical Equipment

Tenants may have critical equipment that should have Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) these are essentially battery packs that protect and sustain critical equipment in the event of a power cut.

Tenant’s critical equipment may be computer servers, telephone systems, medical theatre equipment, drugs or sample and specimen fridges.

Each item should undergo a risk assessment to see if the building infrastructure can be adapted to have a UPS installed. A feasibility study may also have to take place for this type of power supply.

In the event of a power cut this equipment may become damaged or the contents of fridges lost which could lead to possible loss of money and legal issues in certain cases.

Some tenants may hold the inaccurate view that CHP/LIFTCo are responsible for the these losses. This is incorrect because power cuts are often out of the control of LIFTCo.

Therefore, tenants are advised to:

1.     Install UPS to their critical equipment including fridges, or

2.     Accept that in the event of a power cut they may sustain losses

3. Have a contingency plan and inform LIFTCo/CHP as quick as possible should a power outage happen

It is recommend that these UPSs be supplied AND maintained by LIFTCo by way of a Tenant Variation Request. Poorly maintained UPS can be a fire risk. Please speak to your CHP representative should you have any questions.

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