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CHP at the heart of delivering Community Diagnostic Centres

CHP works in partnership with local health and care systems and knows first-hand the positive impact innovative and sustainable spaces have on patient care.  Since the announcement that Community Diagnostics Centres (CDCs) will be at the heart of NHS reforms and the Delivery plan for tackling the Covid backlog of elective care, we at CHP have been focused on delivering this agenda. CDCs will be one-stop-shops for checks, scans and tests right in the heart of local communities.

How can CHP help you?

To make this vision a reality, the implementation of CDCs comes with national funding.  At CHP, we draw insight from across the out of hospital estate to help healthcare commissioners and providers maximise opportunities to provide these vital services for patients outside of the acute setting. We believe that joint working builds lasting relationships with, and for, our customers.

We believe utilising existing community-based NHS LIFT estate is the perfect option for delivering CDCs.  Our pre-procured supply chain makes it easy to access specialist skills and capabilities, meaning quicker delivery across the future CDC portfolio and enabling the NHS to obtain maximum value from its community infrastructure.

We work with 34 ICSs, circa 700-800 PCNs, using our estates capability to support development of their estates and investment plans. CHP manages 310 LIFT buildings, 9 out of 10 of which are in areas of high health need, making early testing critical to the prevention of serious conditions. By utilising unused space and accessing capital, we can help customers get the services they need in a building that is modern, innovative and closer to home for patients.

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We deliver knowledge-based work and have plans to expand our CDC portfolio. One prime example is Finchely Memorial CDC opened in 2021 (Finchley Memorial CDC case study).  We worked closely with North Central London Integrated Care System (ICS), lead commissioners, the Royal Free London, host Trust, and North London Estates Partnerships to design to deliver one of the first CDCs in the country. Services at Finchley now include CT, MRI, ultrasound and ophthalmology scans, additional phlebotomy (blood tests), cardiology and respiratory tests and vascular thermography.  In the North East, Lawson St Health Centre, Stockton on Tees will be a CDC site with ultrasound and echocardiograms. 

CHP has one live CDC, three that are in development and five NHS bids submitted using a CHP building, with numerous discussions with NHS teams across the country (Summer 2022).

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CHP has substantial delivery capabilities, and a procurement safe supply chain so we can respond to requests for feasibility studies and adaptions quickly and efficiently.

We have regional packs providing details about the CDC opportunities in your area.

Speak to one of our Regional Directors or contact the CHP CDC team.

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