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For more than 20 years, CHP has been delivering estate expertise for the NHS, including strategic planning and the delivery and management of 310 buildings under the LIFT (Local Finance Improvement Trust) programme. We also provide much more.

National expertise and local insight

Our mix of experience, knowledge and commitment makes us a uniquely qualified partner for Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) – helping you to design and deliver the estate which is needed to support clinical health strategies and improve patient outcomes.

We are particularly adept at working across organisations to meet the needs of communities. Nine out of ten of our buildings are in areas of high health needs, giving us extensive local insights into how best to support wellbeing and health and social care for those who need it most.

Actively engaged locally, regionally and nationally

We have close working relationships with estates professionals, our sister company NHS Property Services (NHSPS), Hard and Soft FM providers and specialist contractors with a ready made supply chain to expedite schemes and ensure that the whole process is quality assured, expert and streamlined.

We have a strong track record in:

  • Strategic estates planning
  • Capital programme planning and delivery (with a £19 million programme during 2022/23)
  • Supporting the provision of diagnostic services and Community Diagnostic Centres
  • Making use of estate already available to the NHS and partners
  • Improving space utilisation to increase value for money for the NHS
  • No maintenance backlog in modern accessible buildings – all with AccessAble Guides
  • Flexible buildings and variations to incorporate joint service provision
  • Flexible accommodation to support reduction in elective care waiting lists
  • Accommodation for services providing care closer to home
  • Provision of community-based social facilities – Buildings at the Heart
  • Energy and environmental developments supporting a Greener NHS – Green CHP
  • Digital support via dashboards


  • Enabling the NHS to obtain maximum value from its community infrastructure
  • Develop new ways of working and innovative ideas, implemented through our skills, scale and capabilities
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer


  • Gateway for accessing Heath & Wellbeing services within the heart of the community
  • Experts in the provision and management of primary, community and mental health infrastructure
  • Locally focused, dedicated to working with the NHS and its partners


  • Partnership built on trust and transparency
  • Joint working that builds lasting relationships with our customers
  • Connecting partnership organisations to improve NHS places

Strategic Business Development

In recent years, CHP’s Strategic Business Development (SBD) function, has broadened its scope to work more closely with the NHS in supporting the delivery of the Long Term Plan. CHP is seen as being well placed to assist NHSE given our existing skills, capacity, capability and expertise across the country as we are embedded in local health systems, working with commissioners, providers, the wider public sector and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). We also have access to pre-procured services via our LIFT partners, demonstrating value for money (VFM) through a procurement-safe route.

Primary Care Data Gathering Programme

In 2019, NHSE appointed CHP to lead and manage delivery of a national programme which aimed to improve primary care estate data. CHP utilised its existing LIFT supply chain to support the establishment of a baseline of consistent data for every NHS-reimbursed GP practice premises (approx. 9,000), including delivery of premises surveys, with this information to be used to inform system decision making about future primary care premises investment and estates transformation.


One of the key outputs of the Primary Care Data Gathering Programme was further enhancement of SHAPE, the web enabled application which links national public health, primary care and demographic data with information on healthcare estates performance and facilities location, providing a preferred strategic planning analytical platform for the NHS. Not only has CHP led on the development of this, including attribute overlays, KPI analysis and automated reporting, but the CHP team has delivered wider initiatives including the addition of national housing population impact data.

SHAPE Atlas:


PCN Service and Estate Planning Toolkit

In March 2020, CHP and the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), on behalf of NHSE, launched Primary Care Networks: Critical thinking in developing an estate strategy (PDF) followed by the PCN Service and Estate Planning Toolkit in November 2021. This document, and the subsequent toolkit, provides PCNs with a flexible framework and support process for producing robust primary care investment plans with clear priorities that align to wider ICS strategies, as well as providing local stakeholders with guidance and a framework to develop their Service and Estates plans to inform future ICS investment decisions.

PCN Clinical and Estates Planning

CHP have been appointed by NHSE in the Midlands, South West, South East, East of England and parts of the North to lead and manage a programme focused on the development of PCN clinical and estate strategies utilising the toolkits. These strategies will help PCNs plan resources to meeting health needs and deliver national strategic aims, such as Greener NHS, Net Zero, and the digital priorities.

How to harness our expertise

Read more about how CHP supports ICS teams (PDF)

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25 July 2022

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