CHP funds defibrillators at eight healthcare buildings across Sheffield, Barnsley, and Doncaster

CHP has funded defibrillators at eight of its health centres across South Yorkshire, working with our LIFTCo partners to bring vital equipment closer to the communities that need them. These life-saving devices are revolutionising emergency response capabilities and empowering local communities to tackle sudden cardiac arrests effectively.
The defibrillators are housed in specially designed enclosures that were installed on external walls at each Health Centre within agreed locations to allow easy access and visibility.

As a joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Doncaster Estates Partnership, Barnsley Estates Partnership and Community 1st Sheffield agreed to install the external cabinets at no cost to CHP within their respective areas. The cost of purchasing the defibrillators came from the CHP Consumables budget and were provided by Defib Warehouse ( The Defib Warehouse team were helpful, providing advice on the type of defibrillators for our locations and set up assistance. Our Operations and Relationship Managers (ORMs) worked closely with our LIFTCo partners to get the lifesaving equipment on site.

  • Sheffield Four of the defibrillators were installed at Deepcar Medical Centre, Foxhill Medical Centre, Darnall Primary Care Centre, and Norfolk Park Health Centre in Sheffield. Our ORM, Simon McKinna, ordered the defibrillators, facilitated delivery, and set up the devices ready for use.
  • In Barnsley, two defibrillators were installed at The Goldthorpe Centre and The Hoyland Centre. Our ORM, Julie Hallsworth, also arranged for the defibrillators to be ordered, delivered, and set up.  
  • Doncaster A further two defibrillators were installed at The Flying Scotsman in Doncaster city centre and The Heathfield Centre in Hatfield, Doncaster, arranged by our ORM Natalie Diamond. Natalie has since left the business, but ongoing management of the defibrillators will be picked up by newly appointed CHP ORM Dawn Turner.
A yellow box for defibrillator with a kep pad handle and labels with AED on an external wall
Defibrillator at a Barnsley CHP building

Defibrillators save lives

Defibrillators, also known as Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), are electronic devices designed to administer a shock to a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest; giving a jolt to the heart helps get the heart beating again. A defibrillator is a device that is simple to use and that can save the life of someone in cardiac arrest when their heart has stopped.

Early defibrillation survival rates decrease quickly after someone goes into cardiac arrest, so it is vital that defibrillation occurs as soon as possible. If defibrillation occurs within 5 minutes of cardiac arrest, the person has a survival chance of 50 – 70%. This decreases by 10% for every minute they are in cardiac arrest.

Anyone can use a defibrillator; you do not need special training as once you turn it on, the machine gives clear step-by-step instructions. Modern defibrillators are designed to be user-friendly, allowing members of the public to operate them effectively.

The strategic placement of defibrillators in various public spaces, such as health centres, community centres, parks, schools, and sports facilities, ensures increased accessibility for medical emergencies. Having a defibrillator on-site can significantly improve the odds of survival until professional medical help arrives. There is a nationwide effort to make these devices more accessible and available to the public.

Providing defibrillators at CHP buildings in the heart of local communities 

As an organisation, CHP supports the roll out of defibrillators, across our healthcare buildings which are in the heart of their local communities. The team at CHP plan to roll out more defibrillators across Yorkshire and the North East in 2023/24.

A recent study showed that defibrillators are surprisingly used in only around 10% of out of hospital cardiac arrests, and so I am delighted that we have been able to support the roll out of this life-saving equipment across the North East. By working proactively with our partners and customers in a solutions focussed manner, we have been able to significantly improve public access to defibrillators across a number of our local communities in Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster. This will inevitably lead to better health outcomes.

Defibrillator at Darnall Primary Care Centre, Sheffield

LIFT buildings were developed to sit at the heart of communities, providing services that meet the needs of the local population. It is fantastic to see these centres being used to support such an important initiative, increasing public access to vital lifesaving equipment. I’m thrilled that, through great partnership working with CHP, the LIFT companies in Barnsley and Doncaster have played their part in facilitating this benefit for the communities they work with.

These defibrillators will make a real impact on the communities served by these four healthcare buildings in Sheffield. I'm delighted that, working with CHP, Community the team at 1st Sheffield have facilitated the installation of these life-saving devices.

Find out more about The Circuit – the National Defibrillator Network 

The CHP defibrillators are registered on The Circuit, a national resource co-funded by British Heart Foundation, NHS, Resuscitation Council UK, St John’s Ambulance in partnership with the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

The location and status of defibrillators are instantly synchronised with the emergency services’ systems ensuring that their information is always up to date and ready to help save lives. When a member of the public rings 999 the call handlers can direct them to the nearest defibrillator.


The Circuit is the National Defibrillator Network. Circuit co-funded by the British Heart Foundation, NHS, Resuscitation Council UK, St John Ambulance in partnership with the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. 

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