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CHP leads on a sustainable future for World FM day

World FM Day on 11 May has the theme ‘leading a sustainable future’, recognising the vital innovations that buildings and facilities managers, and the wider sector, are undertaking to embed sustainability within diverse workplaces. As part of the NHS family, we provide innovative and sustainable spaces for excellent patient care at our 300+ modern, high-quality primary and community care buildings.  Sustainable facilities are one of CHP’s five strategic aims, alongside Leading, Partners and Customers, Value for money and People within our Business Plan for 2022/23.  We continue to deliver sustainable health care infrastructure offering safe, flexible, well-used and welcoming spaces.  We are proud to work with our partners on Foleshill, the first Passivhaus health building in the UK – the green future of the NHS.

The CHP Green Plan ‘A Greener CHP, a Greener NHS’ outlines how we are working with customers, LIFTCos, ICSs and suppliers to contribute to the NHS net zero carbon ambitions.   As part of the NHS family, we are supporting the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system.  Since NHS healthcare estates and facilities account for around 15% of all NHS carbon emissions, we must work together on carbon reduction and other sustainability initiatives to become a #GreenerNHS.

CHP Green Plan – A Greener CHP, A Greener NHS

In 2022 we published our Green Plan A Greener CHP, A Greener NHS  Everyone at CHP can play their part to meet our sustainability goals outlined in our CHP Green Plan; we are supporting our staff to make changes to support a Greener NHS.  We are embedding sustainability into our business, committing resources and staff to ensure it is a success.   CHP is supporting the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. We work in partnership with customers, LIFTCos, Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and suppliers to deliver a greener NHS.

Download: CHP Green Plan – A Greener CHP, A Greener NHS

Our CHP Green Plan objectives include Corporate CHP to be net zero carbon by 2030, with the LIFT Portfolio reaching net zero carbon by 2040.

In 2022 we are working on delivery plans, digital actions and targets including procurement of renewable energy contracts, installing LED lights, plans for electric car charging points and improving waste and recycling, and more.

Read our Green PlanA Greener CHP, a Greener NHS (PDF)

Foleshill Health Centre – the UK’s first Passivhaus healthcare building

CHP is leading the way for a greener NHS, designing, funding and building £3.3m Foleshill Health Centre in Coventry, the first Passivhaus health care building in the UK; home to a GP surgery providing care for up to 10,000 patients in inner city Coventry. No fossil fuels are used onsite, photovoltaic panels provide electricity and energy-efficient LED lighting is used, resulting in very low utility bills.  The primary care building has an EPC A rating (12) close to net zero CO2.and is BREEAM Excellent.

Watch:  Foleshill Health Centre timelapse video
Read: Foleshill Case study
News and awards: Foleshill Health Centre

This is the first time that NHSE has approved this type of energy efficient Passivhaus building for the NHS in England.  It is an example for the rest of the NHS showing what can be done using the most modern, innovative building methods – a benchmark for how health buildings can be sustainable in the future.  Foleshill contributes to the NHS carbon net-zero target and supports its aim to be the world’s first net-zero national health service.

World FM Day leading a sustainable future 11 May 2022

World FM Day 2022 – 11 May 2022 ‘Leading a sustainable future’

The purpose of World FM Day is to recognise and celebrate the vital work that workplace and facilities managers and the wider industry contributes to business worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the facilities profession anywhere that its practitioners influence the health, safety, productivity, and wellbeing of people who use the built environment.  Supported by Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management.

NHS net zero

  • By 2040 the NHS will reduce the emissions they control to net zero, saving lives and improving the world we live in.
  • By 2045 the NHS will reduce the emissions it can influence to net zero. These are the emissions that are related to the goods and services we buy from partners and suppliers.

Since 2010, the NHS has cut its carbon emissions by 30%. The changes the NHS are making to tackle climate change at source are improving the quality of the care provided today, as well as saving money that can be reinvested in care. (Greener NHS).

10 May  2022

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