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CHP publishes a guide to agreeing and understanding the benefits of leases

CHP has published a leaflet for our tenants called ‘An Introduction to CHP leases’. This guide covers agreeing a lease and provide information about the benefits of a lease. CHP holds the head leases for over 300 sites on behalf of the NHS and, under the terms of those head leases, is required to have underleases in place for the occupiers of its sites.  As an NHS company, CHP works in partnership with local health and care systems, our purpose is to provide innovative and sustainable spaces for patient care.  We work proactively with partners and customers to provide innovative healthcare facilities at the heart of local communities.

CHP inherited the obligation for our tenants to have a valid underlease from Primary Care Trusts in 2013.  At CHP we sometimes find that those who want to occupy our buildings are reluctant to complete a lease and we recognise that there may be several factors behind this. The purpose of this guide is to explain why a lease is necessary, the benefits of agreeing a lease, and to offer some guidance to make the process of agreeing a lease easier and quicker.

Key Benefits of a CHP Lease

  • It is a requirement of a CHP tenant service contract, and the CQC will audit this.
  • A lease ensures CHP tenants are insured in the building and limits liability should a claim arise.
  • It formally records what rooms a CHP tenant has exclusive or shared use of, space on a secure legal footing.
  • The lease sets out CHP’s obligations to our tenants, including the services we will provide and the standards of maintenance to expect.
  • Tenants with a lease in place have access to CHP and NHS estate improvement funding, where appropriate.
  • For GP providers a lease is evidence for Rent Reimbursement under the Premises Costs Directions.
  • Having a documented lease complies with IFRS16 accounting rules.

Read the leaflet to understand more about leases and how CHP can support your team.  In particular, we can provide guidance and solutions including advice on a range of solicitors with in-depth knowledge of CHP leases.

An introduction to CHP leases - a guide to agreeing a lease and understanding the benefits
Download: An Introduction to CHP Leases: A guide to agreeing a lease and understanding the benefits (PDF) Published Sept 2022

Our leases work flexibly with tenant service contracts and can be amended should a contract change. We are transparent over our charging schedules and costs and will supply a budget statement and reconciliation to actual costs each year.

To find out more, or to progress your lease, please contact the CHP leasing team

News: CHP achieves DHSC targets on lease completions (April 2021)

3 October  2022

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