CHP publishes Annual Report 2022-23

2022/23 has been a year of very good performance for Community Health Partnerships against the backdrop of the NHS working extremely hard to deal with the backlog of patients following the pandemic and the launch of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in July 2022. CHP has met its business plan objectives and achieved all performance targets, both financial and non-financial which puts us in good stead as we move forward.

The NHS continues to face the challenges of reducing waiting lists and responding to the health needs of the country. CHP is successfully playing a major role in this work – both through our buildings, which are such valuable core NHS assets, and our strategic and operational focus. We have worked very hard to repurpose and adapt facilities to support the shift of activity from acute into community facilities, and the LIFT estate is well placed to support this.

As a Department of Health and Social Care owned company, we have made a real contribution to the delivery of health and wellbeing services in the last year. We are particularly proud of our achievements in progressing the development of community diagnostic centres which provide key services to local communities.  In early 2023, CHP published its next ‘Five Year Strategy 2023-28’ (see below).

None of this could be delivered without our people and teams working to support our customers.  Thank you to all the CHP teams across England.


Download: CHP Annual Report 2022/23

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front page of the CHP 5 year strategy 2023-20238 with a woman standing in front of a health centre on a purple background
Community Health Partnerships Five Year Strategy 2023-28 (PDF)

Our five year strategy sets out our ambitions and direction of travel to 2028. Our focus will be on securing the future of the LIFT portfolio as core assets, working with partners and customers to identify the strategic need for the buildings, positioning them as key local cornerstones of place-based care and embedding them within ICS infrastructure strategies. Maximising their use will be critical, and will be underpinned by their quality, value and adaptability.

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