CHP supports a Greener NHS with sustainability actions and pledges

Climate change poses a major threat to NHS staff, patients, and their communities. This is because there is a direct link between the health of our planet and the health of our people. The NHS is acting to reduce the harmful gases it puts into the atmosphere. Fewer emissions will mean fewer patients with asthma, heart disease, and cancer.

During COP27 held from 6 to 18 November in Egypt, CHP will be focusing on some of the things we are already doing to support a #GreenerNHS, highlighting some key facts about the NHS and sustainability, and asking our staff to pledge to reduce their carbon emissions.

CHP staff pledge to reduce carbon emissions supporting a Greener NHS

We are asking CHP colleagues to think of their COP commitment – identifying something in daily life which they can change to minimise their environmental impact.  This can include rethinking travel; reducing single occupancy car journeys, increase active travel, buying local produce, reducing use of plastics (packaging or product consumption), eating a more plant based diet, reusing, repairing and recycling where possible – to name just a few!

What is COP27?

  • The word ‘COP’ stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’
  • On climate change, the COP is the supreme decision-making forum of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), bringing signatory governments together once a year to discuss and agree how to jointly address climate change and its impacts.
  • The first COP – COP1 – took place in Berlin, Germany in 1995.
  • 2015 is when the first legally-binding global treaty on climate change was agreed at COP21 in Paris, France. This is known as ‘The Paris Agreement’.
  • The UK hosted COP26 in Glasgow in 2021

Read more:  COP27 climate change conference – Egypt  6-18 November 2022

COP27 the United Nations climate action conference  provides a moment for nations to come together and raise their ambitions.  The NHS is joining in and stepping up action. There is still more to be done with the help of staff across the NHS working to achieve positive changes.

CHP support for a Greener NHS

In March 2022, CHP published CHP Green Plan ‘A Greener CHP, a Greener NHS’ outlining how we are working with customers, LIFTCos, ICSs and suppliers to contribute to the NHS net zero carbon ambitions. As part of the NHS family, we are supporting the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Since NHS healthcare estates and facilities account for around 15% of all NHS carbon emissions, we must work together on carbon reduction and other sustainability initiatives.

Our Green vision is to put sustainable development at the heart of our company to ensure our estate and operations are as efficient, sustainable and resilient as they can possibly be

CHP Green Plan ‘A Greener CHP, a Greener NHS’

CHP will take action to tackle climate change, for the health of our planet and our people. Our Sustainability goals include:

  • Reach Net Zero Carbon by 2030 for emissions we control
  • Reach Net Zero Carbon across LIFT estate
  • Eliminate waste through sustainable use of resources
  • Eliminate harmful products in our business, including improving air quality

We will use our influence and expertise, and build on existing partnership with the NHS, and our LIFT companies and suppliers to:

  • Reach net zero carbon across our LIFT portfolio by 2040.
  • Ensure that we fulfil all national energy efficiency and performance standards
  • Support the NHS nationally, regionally and locally to deliver its green plans, including supporting their ambitions for sustainable care and medicines.

Download and read our CHP Green PlanA Greener CHP, a Greener NHS (PDF)

Foleshill Health Centre – An example for future sustainable healthcare buildings

CHP is leading the way for a greener NHS, designing, funding and building Foleshill Health Centre in Coventry, the first Passivhaus health care building in the UK.

Watch:  Foleshill Health Centre timelapse video
Read: Foleshill Case study
News and awards: Foleshill Health Centre

7 November 2022

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