CHP to support ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ campaign

NHS organisations across the country have teamed up to launch the ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ campaign, hoping to put an end to the abuse staff can endure while simply doing their job.

Having to access health services can be a distressing and emotional time and people have shown a great deal of patience and understanding as services have adapted to the demands following the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, experiencing abuse, aggression or intimidation is not an accepted part of anyone’s job, least of all those who are giving care to those who need it most. At CHP, we will not tolerate any member of staff within our buildings being subjected to any form of abuse or aggression.

There is no excuse for abuse – no reason, factor or motive for an individual to abuse you or those around you.

There has been an increased trend in the numbers of abuse. There is growing evidence that NHS staff are now most often facing unacceptable abuse while doing their best to perform their job role.

The ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ campaign showcases CHP’s commitment to protecting staff in our buildings.

In a letter to tenants, Alexandra Slater, Executive Director for Customer Experience at Community Health Partnerships and Malcolm Twite, Executive Director for Property Performance at Community Health Partnerships wrote: “Here at CHP, we have been dismayed by the increase in abuse aimed at staff across the NHS, including in our buildings.

‘Statistics have shown that there has been a continued rise in the amount of verbal and sometimes physical abuse sustained by staff.

‘There is no excuse for abuse – no reason, factor or motive for an individual to abuse you or those around you.

‘Should you see, or hear, any form of abuse within your building, please do not hesitate to contact your CHP representative and we will help you in any way necessary. You should always report abuse, both to us and, where appropriate, to the police.”

Community Health Partnerships continues to operate a zero tolerance approach to abuse.

25 May 2022

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