CHP works with AccessAble to support Disability History Month

Disability History Month, celebrated annually from November 16 to December 16, is a time to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disabilities throughout history. Similarly, the International Day of Disabled People, observed on December 3, promotes the rights and wellbeing of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development.

As in previous years several CHP sites across the country will be lit up purple on 3 December in support of the annual awareness event. However, CHP’s commitment to inclusivity goes beyond the lights.

CHP have been working with AccessAble ( for the last two years and the Detailed Access Guides, created and maintained by AccessAble, serve as invaluable resources for people with disabilities. These guides offer comprehensive information about the accessibility of CHP buildings; from wheelchair accessibility to the availability of accessible toilets, the guides cover essential aspects that enable individuals to plan their outings with confidence.

In the last year, the Detailed Access Guides have seen on average 7,000 users every month, proving that the guides are making a real difference to the experiences of the many, many visitors to CHP sites.

Bringing the Detailed Access Guides to life 

This video in partnership with AccessAble demonstrates how the guides are put to use in real life and the difference they make to individuals who may require additional support.

To date CHP have made accessibility enhancements totalling over £300k, from installing hearing loops in 150 receptions, to changing the toilet seats in around 300 accessible toilets across all sites.

These changes may seem small to some, but as an organisation, working with the likes of AccessAble, know that they create a more inclusive environment for all users of CHP sites and will make a real difference to the customer experience for our less able visitors, helping them to navigate buildings with greater independence.

Why is Disability and Inclusivity still an important discussion?

  • 16 million people in the UK are currently classed as disabled, which makes up one fifth of the potential UK workforce
  • Each year, approximately 780,000 people develop a disability that impacts on their day to day life
  • 80% of disabilities are ‘invisible’ or hidden, it isn’t obvious the person has a disability by looking at them
  • Two thirds of people say they feel awkward talking about disabilities

These are just a few reasons, and everyone has a different experience of disabilities, but it shows that there is still a lot to do to make sure both internal and external customers see CHP as embracing inclusivity.

CHP Diversity Working Group

In July 2020, CHP established the Diversity Working Group made up of representatives from across the organisation representing five Communities. One of these Communities was set up to focus on Disability and Inclusivity.

The Disability and Inclusivity Community consists of seven representatives from across the company who all have experience or are interested in Disability Awareness.

Inclusivity is one of the key values that underpin our organisational culture and define how we work at CHP. 

CHP are actively committed to enhancing Disability Awareness for all employees. Each year, staff undergo Equality training modules and we have implemented various policies to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff. Additionally, in April this year, we introduced a new Disability Equality Course in collaboration with AccessAble, further strengthening our efforts in promoting inclusivity and understanding.

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CHP’s Buildings at the Heart of the Community initiative aims to encourage local community groups and charities to make the most of our buildings by enabling the use of space in our centres to host health and wellbeing related events.

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