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CHP’s Simon Waters wins Judges Choice Award at this year’s Government Property Awards 2022

We’re delighted to see CHP’s work on the AccessAble project has been recognised with project lead Simon Waters awarded the Judges Choice Award at this year’s Government Property Awards 2022.

The award ceremony which took place in London on 11 October brought together colleagues from across central government departments and their associated organisations and recognised individuals and team efforts from across the industry with a range of award categories.

Simon Waters wins Judges Choice Award

The AccessAble project, which was led and championed by Simon, with Project support from Denise Cottam and Communications and Marketing support from Connie Lee, was something close to Simon’s heart in championing inclusivity issues across the public health estate. Simon’s drive and passion to ensure CHP’s estate is inclusive to all was instrumental in the successful delivery, and as a result each and every one of CHP’s sites which equate to 5% of the NHS property portfolio, have access to a free Access Guide which can be found online on CHP’s website.

During the duration of the project, Simon led the team with compassion and understanding of the target audience.

Working alongside the team at AccessAble, the UK’s leading provider of detailed disabled-access information, the project team were privileged to work with a number of Disability Ambassadors who gave personal experiences of how useful Access Guides are to an individual with a disability.

To bring these experiences to life, the team worked with video production company Surfr, to create a series of stop-motion animations capturing these important messages.

Kensington Health Centre Liverpool with large words Love Life on wooden facade with AccessAble details
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Each of our 310 health care and community buildings has an AccessAble guide giving detailed information about accessing our facilities, moving around the building, accessible toilets and visiting healthcare providers.

AccessAble Click for disability information round purple graphic
AccessAble: Community Health Partnerships directory

Click for accessibility information on more than more than 310 Community Health Partnership buildings on AccessAble's website. AccessAble uses 33 Accessibility Symbols.

Malcolm Twite, Executive Director of Property and Operations at CHP said:

“I’m delighted the AccessAble project which Simon and the project team delivered has been recognised and received an award from the Government Property sector. It is thoroughly well deserved.

We know that everyone’s accessibility needs are different, which is why having accurate and up to date information is so important.

The availability of Access Guides will help patients and staff plan ahead of their visit, familiarise themselves with the building and create a stress-free experience.

We hope the guides will make a big difference to those who visit a CHP facility.”

Anna Nelson, Chief Executive of AccessAble, said:

“We are thrilled that CHP’s work with us has received an award from the Government Property sector, recognising how crucial access information is for disabled patients, visitors and staff.

We know that visiting an NHS service can increase anxiety and not being able to find out about the facilities available can really add to that. Our Guides provide part of the solution to reduce missed appointments, giving the information people need about accessibility, so they plan their visit and feel confident about what to expect.”

A huge thank you to everyone who were involved and supported this project, a project that we continue to develop and champion to create an equal healthcare estate for all.

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