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Community Covid vaccinations get underway in CHP buildings

Walney resident Pat Lumb gets her Covid19 shot from Dr Arun Thimmiah at the start of the vaccination programme at Alfred Barrow Health Centre. December 15th 2020.

Some of the first of the GP-led Covid-19 vaccinations in community locations got underway this week with vaccination sites set up in CHP buildings across the country.

Among the first sites where vaccinations took place were the Alfred Barrow Health Centre in Cumbria, where 84-year-old Pat Lumb got her Covid-19 shot from Dr Arun Thimmiah at the start of the vaccination programme. More than 30 other CHP sites in LIFT buildings also went live on Tuesday, including Sparkhill Primary Care Centre in Birmingham, Fareham Community Hospital in Hampshire and One Life Hartlepool Medical Centre.  More are in line to do so as the vaccination programme is rolled out across the country.

CHP has identified 100 sites where vaccination centres can be established and teams are working with the local health systems and NHSE&I to make sure these are ready if and when required. The preparations have involved working in partnership with our tenant colleagues, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and health care providers, LIFT Companies and Facilities Management contractors to make sure that the spaces are ready to support the national vaccination effort.

Covid19 shot at the start of the vaccination programme at Alfred Barrow Health Centre. December 15th 2020.

“A tremendous amount of work has gone into making sure that these centres could be delivered on time to support the nationwide rollout of this vaccine, “ said CHP Chief Commercial Director Malcolm Twite.  “We are hopeful that this will support a step change in how the virus is tackled, making things better for individuals, communities and the NHS. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those involved across the health family.”

The work is the latest in a long list of examples of where CHP and its 309 LIFT buildings have been on the front line of the fight against coronavirus.




Hot hubs

CHP supported the opening of the first coronavirus hot hub in the country on 27 March 2020 in London by reconfiguring space and providing specific pathways for staff and Covid-19 patients.  Since then we have worked with local health systems, local LIFT Companies and other partners to set up another 30 hubs, often completing work within a few days of receiving the initial request.


Responsive building changes 

We have undertaken a range of changes to buildings working together with commissioners and providers to ensure the best possible configuration to deliver what was needed to deal with both patients who might have Covid-19 symptoms and those who did not but still required medical treatment or appointments.

These have included:

  • Converting a traditional primary care health centre into a 72-bedded hospital facility;
  • Creating separate contained areas within health centres to separate Covid and non-Covid patients
  • Providing external areas for testing and ensuring all relevant safety guidance is followed to keep patients and other necessary visitors safe;
  • Replacing seating or other materials like carpet with other materials which support Covid cleaning regimes.


Soft FM

The CHP Contracts team has worked closely with all our suppliers to cope with the massively increased demands, particularly around cleaning.

Ongoing support

CHP is working together with tenants and partners to manage any ongoing changes.

Teams are visiting sites where necessary and holding regular on-line Building User Group (BUG) meetings to ensure that we are working together with tenants to make sure they have all they need.

Guidance has been produced on a range of topics, including health and safety risk assessments.

CHP has ensured that hand sanitiser units are available at the entrances of every building and outside lifts to support the appropriate measures to combat Covid-19.

We are taking the necessary steps to support social distancing in common areas as well as offering advice on other measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing and placing floor stickers and advice notices, and removing or taking out of commission seating to enhance infection prevention and control measures.


Face masks 

All CHP, LIFT Company and facilities management personnel are required to wear face masks.  Such masks must be, as a minimum, to Type IR standard.  Where people may be exempt under the guidance, we have requested that they wear visors instead.


Contact us

If you need any help or information on the above, please contact your Tenant Liaison Manager for information or email




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