Community Health Partnerships and Citycare partner for swift GP Branch Surgery relocation in Hull

The North East Property and Operations team with the Leasing team at Community Health Partnerships (CHP) worked with Citycare to relocate a GP team from one health centre to another in Hull. 

This swift and adaptable approach ensured a smooth transition for patients and staff.

During 2023 Haxby Group Hull, a primary care provider (, sought to consolidate its locations for patient services, for improved efficiency in patient care. CHP played a key role in facilitating the relocation of one of their branch surgeries from the Calvert Health Centre building to their main location at Newington Health Centre, situated approximately one mile away.

Throughout the formal consultation process and then following the subsequent approval from NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB on 27 December 2023, CHP worked with the Haxby Group, the ICB, and CityCare (LIFTCo – to ensure a fast and seamless transfer.

Swift Relocation Timeline for the GP team – only 16 working days
  • ICS Approval: NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB approval was granted on Wednesday 27 December 2023.
  • Heads of Terms Issued: CHP issued Lease Heads of Terms to the Haxby Group on Thursday 4 January 2024, which mirrored their existing lease through to March 2027.
  • Negotiations and Information Exchange: Heads of Terms approved on Wednesday 10 January 2024 after negotiations and additional information was provided.
  • Lease signed and Early Access Letter Provided: Lease agreed, and an early access letter was granted for the Haxby Group on Friday 19 January 2024.
  • Occupation: Haxby Group occupies the new space at Newington Health Centre on Saturday 20 January 2024.
  • Open for patients: Monday 22 January 2024.

The process, from receiving ICS approval, to the GP team occupying the extra space at Newington Health Centre, was completed within a remarkable 16 working days.

CHP and Citycare’s commitment to collaboration was instrumental in achieving this swift timeline. While lease negotiations progressed, the CHP team and Citycare prepared the new space for occupancy. This included completing necessary maintenance, obtaining keys and fobs, arranging cleaning and security over the ‘move-in’ weekend, and installing shelving for record storage.

The move has provided the Haxby Group team with an additional clinical room and associated support rooms, with the scope to increase this even further with a refurbishment project planned for the near future should funding be secured.

This successful relocation exemplifies the power of cooperation and a shared commitment to patient care. CHP and Citycare’s collaborative efforts ensured a smooth transition for the GP team, minimising disruption for patients and staff.

Thank you to everyone who worked together to make this move a successful one. The teams at CHP and Citycare were very responsive and made sure that questions and issues were dealt with quickly. Their quick responses meant that this move happened quickly and efficiently. It was a bit frantic the day before we moved in, but we worked together with our respective solicitors into the evening to make sure the move could go ahead.

Newington Health Centre

This relocation showcases the true value of building strong stakeholder relationships and focussing on collaborative partnership working. Outstanding results can be achieved when all parties are engaged and committed to achieving a successful outcome within a very short space of time.

This move demonstrates the real benefits of partnership working and that leases are not the barrier that they can be perceived to be. The CHP team and our solicitors will always work collaboratively to support service delivery.”

Relocating any service inevitably presents its share of challenges, yet through close collaboration with Haxby, we carefully addressed all their needs ahead of the move, ensuring their satisfaction with the final outcome. From redecoration to cleaning, this endeavour was a true team effort, and we extend our gratitude to everyone involved for their dedicated efforts. It brings us great pleasure to witness essential services being efficiently delivered to the community, and we are truly elated to see that the service providers are content in their new home.

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Read:  An Introduction to CHP Leases (PDF) This is a guide to agreeing a lease and understanding the benefits. 

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