Community Health Partnerships Five Year Strategy aligned to NHS Productivity Challenge

We published our Five Year Strategy in 2023 which set the strategic direction for Community Health Partnerships for 2023-2028.  Over the course of 2023-24 we have seen further clarity on priorities for the NHS estate, in particular the out of hospital, community-based estate from a range of key stakeholders including the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and Integrated Care Systems. 

We have reviewed and aligned our forward strategy to reflect the greater emphasis on NHS productivity and utilisation of good quality spaces. 

CHP has a significant role to play here as we know that increasing utilisation and optimising the use of high-quality core assets, such as the NHS LIFT buildings, will realise greater value and enable productivity gains in health service delivery.  Our work on community diagnostic centres, and more recently on increasing dental capacity at Kenworthy Road Health Centre, East London are prime examples of this. 

Find out more by reading our updated CHP Five Year Strategy 2023-28 (PDF).

We continue to work in collaboration with our customers and partners across the NHS and private sector to optimise the use of the LIFT portfolio and look to secure the future of these vital assets.

As a DHSC-owned NHS Company, CHP works in partnership with local health and care systems. Our purpose is to provide innovative and sustainable spaces for patient care.  Our modern buildings are underpinned by their quality, value and adaptability.

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