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Community Health Partnerships generate £25m of Social and Local Economic value in first year from launch

A majority of CHP’s health facilities are primarily in areas of high health & wellbeing needs, CHP’s sites not only provide health services, they also offer many community-based and wider wellbeing support. CHP are continuously looking at ways in which they can improve services at their sites and create a central hub for information and support for patients and building users.

In November 2021, CHP launched the Buildings at the Heart of the Community initiative, an initiative that allows local community groups and charities to make the most of CHP’s health centres by enabling them to host healthcare and wellbeing related events on site.

The initiative also aims to put CHP’s buildings at the heart of the communities they serve and bring together local communities to share knowledge, find support and an opportunity to meet other local patients and residents.

Since launch, CHP have supported a number of activities across its health centres. Their operational teams on the ground work closely with tenants and local community groups and help promote events to the wider public.

Running alongside this CHP undertook an exercise to find a way to measure and record their social value, and as a result created CHP’s first ever Social Value Policy.

The policy uses a nationally recognised set of measures which help CHP understand those activities which provide the greatest social return and brings the most advantage to local communities, this in turn allows them to maximise the benefit of its assets

In 2021 CHP generated social value:

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Over £25m of social and local economic value


generated from Buildings at the Heart, this includes health awareness days, community events and charity donations of unwanted equipment and items.


generated from AccessAble by creating Detailed Access Guides across all CHP sites and installing hearing loops, additional seating and inclusive toilet signage.


generated from local employment, boosting growth, reducing poverty and increasing social cohesion within communities. * split between CHP direct (£8m) and our supply chain unlocked (£16m).


attributed to staff support, staff access to comprehensive and mulit-dimensional wellbeing programmes, and staff training.

CHP publications

Social Value Policy November 2022 (Download PDF)

Social value is at the heart of Community Health Partnerships. As part of the NHS family we provide high quality health and social care facilities that enable excellent patient care. We work diligently to have a positive impact on our employees, the environment, and communities across our estates. We recognise that we can deliver more for our clients, the communities that we work in and society as a whole by taking steps to maximise the social value we generate as a business.

The Social Value figures have been independently verified by Social Value Portal.

You can read and find out more on Buildings at the Heart of the Community projects and events that have taken place across the CHP estate.

If you’re a community group, charity or know someone who would be interested in hosting an event at a CHP site, you can find a list of all 310 CHP buildings.

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