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Community Health Partnerships sets out 2024/25 priorities in annual business plan

Our 2024-25 Integrated Business Plan (IBP) sets out our priorities, KPIs and deliverables for the year ahead across our five strategic themes of: leading, partners and customers, sustainable facilities, value for money and people.  It builds on the great work last year and continues to deliver the ambitions in our Five Year Strategy (PDF).

With the recent NHSE publication of guidance on developing a 10 year infrastructure strategy, CHP has a key role in providing well maintained buildings and strategic estates expertise to support the recovery of core services, facilitate the delivery of place-based care, and helping to build healthier communities.  This will be a key focus for 2024-25.

As we look to secure the future of the LIFT assets driving productivity, through greater utilisation and optimisation of the buildings will be vital.  We will work with NHS partners to position the LIFT estate as core assets in local systems and deliver through our partnerships with LIFTCos and the private sector to ensure the LIFT buildings continue to deliver to high operational standards and provide value.

Read more in our 2024-25 Business Plan.

Read our Integrated Business Plan (IBP) for 2024/25 which sets out our key priorities, deliverables and KPIs for the year.  They build on our five strategic themes of Leading, Partners and Customers, Sustainable Facilities, Value for Money and People.

We continue to work in collaboration with our customers and partners across the NHS and private sector to optimise the use of the LIFT portfolio and look to secure the future of these vital assets.

Find out more by reading our CHP Five Year Strategy 2023-28 

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