Foleshill Health Centre is a finalist in the prestigious UK Passivhaus Awards 2023

Foleshill Health Centre in Coventry is a finalist in the non-domestic category at the UK Passivhaus Awards on Wednesday 5 July 2023 organised by the Passivhaus Trust ( The finalists in the Passivhaus Awards are exceptional projects with monitoring data proving how they are striving towards zero carbon climate targets, demonstrating ultra-low energy usage and sustainable design features supporting the health and wellbeing of building users.

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The online ceremony is on Wednesday 5 July 2 pm – 5.30 pm and includes presentations on each of the shortlisted buildings. Everyone registered for the ceremony can vote for the People’s Choice Award. If you can, please register and vote for Foleshill.  The voting link is sent out during the ceremony.

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UK Passivhaus Awards 2023: Non-domestic Foleshill Health Centre

About Foleshill Health Centre

Foleshill is a 619m2 building serving up to 10,000 patients in inner city Coventry. The GP surgery has two storeys, five consulting rooms, two treatment rooms, offices, a reception and a waiting area. The health centre was built on a small brownfield site; the location of a former council swimming pool that closed in 2013.

The health centre was built from 14 specially designed Portakabin modules in only 10 months during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-21. This was 30% quicker than a traditional healthcare building construction.  The health centre opened to patients in August 2021.  Foleshill achieved BREEAM Excellent with Innovation credit for exemplary energy performance and has an EPC A rating of 12 (very close to net zero carbon).

The £3.3m Passivhaus Foleshill Health Centre, was built and funded by Community Health Partnerships (CHP), demonstrating our leadership in sustainable architecture for a Greener NHS. The building incorporates cutting-edge technologies and design principles, meeting the rigorous standards set forth by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany.  It demonstrates what can be achieved across the NHS and the contribution Passivhaus healthcare buildings can make to the broader sustainability goals set by the Government.

Foleshill Health Centre view from the East
Foleshill Health Centre from the west
Treatment room - Foleshill Health Centre

Foleshill Health Centre embodies our commitment to sustainable design and sets a new standard for ultra-low energy efficient healthcare buildings. We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the UK Passivhaus Awards and proud to be recognised for our dedication to creating a Greener NHS and a more sustainable NHS Estate. This distinction acknowledges the collective efforts of our talented team and design partners who have worked to deliver an exemplary sustainable building that pushes the boundaries of design and construction.

Partnership Working at Foleshill Health Centre

The health centre was delivered through a partnership between CHP and NHS Coventry and WarwickshireCoventry and Rugby GP Alliance are the GP provider organisation.  Delivery partners included Portakabin (main contractor), Tooley Foster Architects (Passivhaus specialists), AECOM infrastructure consultants and Arden Estate Partnerships and gbpartnerships (development project management).

Foleshill Health Centre is a tangible demonstration of long-term partnership working between public sector organisations including Coventry City Council as original landowner, third sector organisations including MIND Coventry and Warwickshire and the private sector who brought the skills and experience to deliver this landmark health facility and turn CHP’s vision into a physical reality.

Tooley Foster are delighted that Foleshill Health Centre is a finalist in the 2023 Passivhaus Trust Awards, showing the way forward to net-zero carbon buildings in the NHS on its 75th anniversary.

We’re incredibly proud of the achievements Foleshill has made to date, not only by challenging the perceptions of that which can be achieved with MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) but also the flexibility of what the construction industry can do to proactively tackle climate change.

Passivhaus Benefits

side view of a building explaining passivhaus air flow heat pumps
1.Ultra Low Energy Efficiency

Passivhaus buildings significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional structures. Superior insulation, airtightness, and optimised ventilation systems minimise heat loss and heat gain, ensuring optimal indoor temperatures throughout the year. This translates into substantial energy savings for occupants and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

2. Superior Indoor Comfort
The Passivhaus standard prioritises occupant comfort by maintaining stable indoor temperatures, minimising drafts, high levels of insulation, with triple glazing also reducing external noise pollution. Innovative ventilation systems such as mechanical heat recovery ensure a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, promoting a healthier indoor environment.
3. Cost Savings

The exceptional energy efficiency of Passivhaus buildings leads to substantial cost savings over the long term. Reduced reliance on heating and cooling systems lowers utility bills, while the durability and quality of the construction materials result in minimal maintenance and repair costs.

Foleshill leads the way for carbon emissions reduction in the NHS. Energy consumption at Foleshill is equivalent to an average 4-bed house but it is four times the size. The energy consumption is less than a third of a similar size conventional health centre.

4. Environmental Stewardship

Passivhaus buildings significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a sustainable working or living environment. By utilising renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels, implementing efficient building systems with ongoing monitoring, and using mechanical heat recovery units, these facilities contribute to mitigating climate change and preserving natural resources.

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