Foleshill Centre from west white render wood style claddin and black sunshades

Foleshill wins Sustainability Award at CABE Awards

Foleshill Health Centre has won another award, this time winning the sustainability award Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) awards. This award recognises those projects that are not only future-proof but are working to ensure the quality of that future through innovation and reduction of the building’s overall impact on the environment.

The project is the UK’s first Passivhaus Classic health centre and will be used as an example to promote the environmental advantages for the future of NHS estates projects. As a site, the building has many features that help it reduce its carbon footprint. It includes solar panels and triple glazed windows which help keep the building heated but also, they are able to be opened to cool the building as well.

“It’s brilliant to be recognised by a leading industry association for our commitment to sustainability, which directly benefits both staff and patients.”

CABE Award certificate, glass trophy and white flowers on a table
CABE Sustainability Award 2021 certificate and trophy

Sustainability features at Foleshill Health Centre

Some of the key aspects of the building are:

  • The building is highly insulated, so it is warm in winter and cool in the summer
  • The energy-efficient features include triple glazed windows, which can be opened if required.
  • All rooms have filtered 100% fresh air from ducts in the ceiling, supplied from ventilation units that recover heat from stale air leaving the building. The air is filtered to a similar standard as an operating theatre, ensuring a safe and clean environment (ISO ePM1 – June 2021).
  • There is a small heating system using air source heat pumps connected to small radiators.
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panels on the roof provide electricity.
  • All the lighting is provided by energy-efficient LED lamps.
  • No fossil fuels are used in the building.

Eugene Prinsloo, Developments Director at Community Health Partnerships, said: “It’s brilliant to be recognised by a leading industry association for our commitment to sustainability, which directly benefits both staff and patients.”

Julian Humphreys, Programme Manager at Community Health Partnerships, who attended the awards added: “I am delighted that Foleshill Health Centre was awarded the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) Sustainability Award 2021. This award is further recognition of the innovation and sustainable credentials of Foleshill.”

The story of Foleshill Health Centre with timelapse

Watch the video about Foleshill, the first UK health centre built to meet international Passivhaus standards for low energy usage and sustainability.

Foleshill Health Centre the award-winning greenest health care building in UK – Timelapse Video – Sept 2021

NHS Carbon Footprint

Foleshill Health Centre contributes to the NHS Carbon Footprint aim.  The health estate makes up 4-5% of England’s carbon footprint.

  • The NHS Carbon Footprint (emissions NHS controls directly), will be net zero by 2040, with the ambition to reach an 80% reduction from 2028-2032
  • The NHS Carbon Footprint Plus (emissions NHS can influence), will be net zero by 2045, with the ambition to reach an 80% reduction from 2036-2045.

Read more about the #GreenerNHS

15 October 2021

Delivery partners:

Portakabin (Main contractor), Tooley Foster Architects (Passivhaus experts), AECOM (infrastructure consultants) and Arden Estate Partnerships Limited (development management).

About Foleshill Health Centre

Read more about our award-winning health centre: Foleshill Health Centre, Coventry
Find out about Passivhaus: Passivhaus Trust Video: Passivhaus explained in 90 seconds

Photography: Beth Walsh
Drone/Timelapse: Heavy-Duty Time-Lapse

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