Making the most of existing high-quality estate and partnership working key to meeting current and future needs for NHS infrastructure

Community Health Partnerships welcomes the focus on NHS infrastructure on the back of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Healthcare Infrastructure’s report on ‘Meeting the short, medium and long-term needs for NHS infrastructure’ published this week.

Wendy Farrington-Chadd, Chief Executive Officer for Community Health Partnerships said: “It’s great to see the importance of NHS infrastructure as a key enabler for patient care in the NHS recognised amongst parliamentarians.  While the focus on the hospital estate is justified, it is important too that the out of hospital, community-based estate is also fairly represented – as it is in this report.  I am supportive of many of the recommendations in the APPG’s report in this regard.

“The two key takeaways for me were firstly, making better use of existing high-quality infrastructure, such as the LIFT buildings.  This aligns to the messages we hear from NHS estate colleagues at the national and local levels.  How we drive utilisation is the challenge, but the focus on programmes such as Community Diagnostic Centres is helping us deliver improvements in the use of the existing community-based estate.  The second key takeaway was the importance of partnership.  Through our public private partnerships in LIFT, we combine specialist skills, capability, and capacity with a unique understanding of the local NHS.  Meeting the short, medium and long term needs for NHS infrastructure will only be achieved through partnership working, and continued collaboration across local health systems.”

You can read the full report here: 

APPG Healthcare Infrastructure – Meeting the Short, Medium and Long term needs for NHS Infrastructure 1st Report Oct 2022 (PDF)

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