the metal canopy at Washwood heath health centre

Washwood Heath Health Centre provides further place-based care

The Community Diagnostic Centre programme was proposed by the Government to help fight the backlog caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Washwood Heath Health and Wellbeing Centre, Birmingham see more than 45,000 patients each year will benefit from the £2.18 million CDC, which provides the latest cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology for x-ray, MRI and ultrasound, alongside heart investigations and access to blood tests.

An additional 16,000 patients a year will have x-ray appointments at the new centre when it opens this spring, bring the benefits of quicker access to diagnostic care closer to home and playing a key part in reducing the NHS elective treatment backlog.

The site contains a range of diagnostic services as well as the x-ray facilities, including a new urgent treatment centre and additional clinical space providing ultrasound, phlebotomy, echo cardiogram, lung function and ECG diagnostic services in addition to the existing mobile MRI scanner in the building car park.

CHP’s buildings are placed in areas of high health need. Opened officially on 4 July 2023, Washwood Heath Health and Wellbeing Centre CDC offers state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics after the investment and improvements.

CDCs are part of the Government’s £2.3 billion national investment to open up to 160 CDCs by 2025 closer to patients’ homes, helping to diagnose a range of conditions including cancer, heart and lung disease quicker and ensuring patients are treated faster.

The Washwood Heath Health and Wellbeing Centre is one of the biggest centres in England, providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic services in addition to the GP and community services already available to provide place-based out of hospital care for patients.

We are really pleased to have been able to work with our health partners and Birmingham and Solihull LIFTco to deliver this excellent facility for the local community. The aim of CHP's buildings is to provide state-of-the-art facilities using our core NHS assets in areas of high health need. Washwood Heath CDC is a prime example of what we want to acheive and we are immensely proud of how the building has developed with scope to go even further in the future.

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