Nye Bevan house Rochdale a 4 storey brick and white render modern health centre

Works at Nye Bevan House continue as CHP works with partners

At Nye Bevan Health Centre, variations are underway on a newly adapted musculoskeletal unit. The £1.25m capital investment from CHP includes the provision of an internal reconfiguration in the four-storey building built in 2008.The variation will mean less time travelling to hospital and a better patient experience for those visiting.

Work commenced at the end of February with Phase 1 of the works already completed. Phase 2 is well underway which involves conversion of rooms on the second floor with Audiology and ENT rooms making room for the new MSK treatment rooms. Works are on schedule and Phase 2 is set to be completed on 22 April. The third phase, including the conversion and resizing of the physio gymnasium, will commence on 25 April. It is hoped that the project will complete during the spring.

Wayne Ashton, Eric Wright Health and Care’s Partnering Director, said: “We’re pleased to help CHP and the NHS deliver this project. It will continue to support the health needs of communities across the region.”

The centre currently houses audiology, physiotherapy, podiatry, and children’s speech and language therapy departments. Moreover, there are four GP surgeries based in Nye Bevan House and a breast cancer screening services as well. It also has an optician, pharmacy, and two dentists alongside a café in the building.

This variation work follows partnership working with Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG, BRAHM LIFT Ltd, BRAHM FundCo 1 Ltd, Eric Wright Construction, and Eric Wright Facilities Management.

The new suites MSK services will offer people registered with GPs in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. In addition, it will reconfigure space on the ground floor and second floor for a musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostic and treatment suite with a gym, and offices for the relevant on-site health service teams.

Proposals also include the formation of treatment rooms and re-sizing the gymnasium. Consulting rooms will also be introduced to the ground floor which is currently an open plan physiotherapy area. The formation of these rooms will aim to improve access for everyone, reduce waiting times and inequalities within the area.

Wayne Ashton, Eric Wright Health and Care’s Partnering Director, said: “We’re pleased to help CHP and the NHS deliver this project. It will continue to support the health needs of communities across the region.’

“It is imperative that we make sure buildings are state of the art, well utilised and fit for purpose to meet the needs of the local population. We are excited to see how successful this building will be once completed.”

Community Health Partnerships CEO, Wendy Farrington-Chadd, recently visited the site alongside partners and colleagues. The variation aims to reduce inequality within the area and help the people of Rochdale live, and stay, well for longer.

The investment in this primary and community care building shows a commitment to creating a financially sustainable health and care system.

Andy Muir, North West Regional Director at Community Health Partnerships, continued: “This visit was another fantastic opportunity to speak to our colleagues about the excellent work they do within their buildings, as well as understanding how well this supports the local health economy and population.’

“We look forward to continuing our work with Eric Wright and our NHS partners across our portfolio and hope they found the visits as productive as we did.”

CHP buildings provide an improved experience for patients who are treated closer to home in their communities, rather than travelling to a hospital site.

Sustainable facilities in CHP buildings

Our buildings are specifically designed to be flexible sustainable facilities to accommodate future changes, meet the needs of building users and maximise value for money.  Please contact our Developments Director, more details on Developing Infrastructure page.

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14 April 2022

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