7 women and men stand by a new X ray machine at Washwood heath and wellbeing centre birmingham

X-ray machine installed at new Birmingham CDC

A new state-of-the-art x-ray machine has been installed in the Washwood Heath Community Diagnostic Centre in Birmingham.

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is supporting the CDC development project in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull ICS and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation trust. An additional 16,000 patients a year will have x-ray appointments at the new centre when it opens this spring, bring the benefits of quicker access to diagnostic care closer to home and playing a key part in reducing the NHS elective treatment backlog.

It is one of six CDCs currently being developed in CHP buildings. 

CHP is a Department of Health and Social Care Company which is responsible for 308 LIFT primary care health and wellbeing centres across England.  

7 women and men stand by a new X ray machine at Washwood heath and wellbeing centre birmingham

One of the main strands of our current work is in developing Community Diagnostic Centres in key buildings across England to support the NHS in providing access to diagnostic services in communities, helping to clear the elective treatment backlog and make care more accessible, particularly in areas of high health needs.

Mariam, Jody and Reggie (l to r) from the Washwood Health CDC imaging team

The CDC at Washwood Health Primary Care and Wellbeing Centre, in East Birmingham, will be provided through a £2.18m variation to the building. It will contain a range of diagnostic services as well as the x-ray facilities, including a new urgent treatment centre and additional clinical space providing ultrasound, phlebotomy, echo cardiogram, lung function and ECG diagnostic services in addition to the existing mobile MRI scanner in the building car park.  We are also currently exploring options to site a modular CT at the site.

The Washwood Heath CDC is delivered in collaboration with BaS LIFTCo and their Management services provider Prime plc.

CHP in Community Locations

As an organisation CHP looks to place high quality, flexible assets in areas of high health need that can be easily repurposed for community needs. In many cases, our buildings already have at least one type of diagnostic service in operation and it is our aim to improve utilisation and eliminate void space, providing greater value for the NHS.

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