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CHP has an in-house Developments Team, our centre of excellence for project delivery for new build projects and variations to existing LIFT buildings.

Their expert management and delivery of infrastructure projects enables the transformation of local health and care services, and ultimately improved outcomes for patients and NHS staff.

The team’s vision is to help make change easy.  They strive to deliver the transformation of healthcare space through empowered teams, lean processes and agile decision making.

The team acts as an informed client for the cost effective, efficient procurement of new buildings and variations to the existing LIFT estate. The team uses internally generated tools and a broad range of team backgrounds, working in collaboration with CHP’s Property Management and Partnering & Engagement teams to deliver projects that primarily reduce voids and increase utilisation.

The team represents the head tenancy function within CHP on behalf of the project sponsors, who are generally NHS commissioners, such as Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England. The team engages sponsors early in the project development process, acting as advisor on process and facilitating the delivery from the initial feasibility works package to handover to the Property team at completion of construction.

The team works closely with the LIFT companies and their supply chain to enable developments on behalf of public sector sponsors.

If you would like to talk to us about our delivery capability please contact our Developments Director, Eugene Prinsloo.

One of Sheffield’s flagship health centres – Jordanthorpe Health Centre – has been remodelled to accommodate another GP practice, with the work delivered two weeks ahead of schedule despite the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

The ground-breaking services and new clinically led team at Jean Bishop ICC primarily treat 12,000 frail older people in Hull with long term conditions who have been assessed by their GP as being at risk of hospital admission.

Finchley Memorial Hospital was redeveloped via the NHS LIFT programme with a combined public and private capital investment of £30 million, demonstrating flexibility of the LIFT estate to meet changing clinical strategies and service delivery needs.

Capital Programme

CHP’s developments team delivers capitally funded variations and new build projects.  This funding is in the form of two packages:

  • CHP’s own capital-funded programme; and
  • Where CHP utilises funding from tenants or system capital like the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund or Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships capital programmes.

For CHP a typical capital programme for a year delivers 20-30 variation projects and 10-15 feasibility studies informing the next year’s projects.

Foleshill Health Centre – an award-winning Passivhaus GP surgery

CHP has built Foleshill Health Centre, Coventry, a £3.3m GP surgery in partnership with Coventry and Warwickshire CCG and Coventry and Rigby GP Alliance (the GP provider organisation). The greenest healthcare building in the UK reached practical completion on 4 June 2021 and the GP team began seeing patients in August 2021.  The building is one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the NHS estate.  Built with specially designed Portakabin modules it achieved Passivhaus certification in October 2021.
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