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Investment management

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Over the past 19 years, Community Health Partnerships (CHP) has led a concentrated investment in new local Community and Primary health care facilities, resulting in a catalyst for change in the way services are delivered and improving the health and wellbeing of local communities.

This investment has been achieved through 49 Local Improvement Finance Trusts, or LIFT Companies. LIFT Companies are locally based joint ventures between Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and a range of private sector partners, bringing together the resources and expertise to invest in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the country.

Under the guardianship of CHP, the LIFT PPP programme delivers health infrastructure facilities, with total investment to date exceeding £2.5 billion and 350 health and social care buildings across England. CHP acts as the public sector investment partner and invests equity and loan capital alongside infrastructure developers and investment funds, ensuring an active market and stable financial structures. CHP holds investment assets in each of the 49 LIFT Companies across England. CHP generally holds 40% of the shares in each LIFTCo and subsidiary, with private sector partners holding the remaining 60%. CHP also invests in the financing behind each facility, normally about 4% of the total development cost.

Through CHP’s 40% shareholding, CHP is able to appoint two Directors to the Board of each LIFTCo and LIFTCo subsidiary. One of these appointments is filled by an Investment Director, an employee of CHP and a member of CHP’s Investment Team. The purpose of the Investment Team is to oversee CHP’s financial interests in each LIFTCo, governance and new project investment. CHP’s aim with the second appointment is to appoint an individual from the local health economy that will enhance transparency, governance and develop relationships between the LIFTCo and local NHS stakeholders. Through these Directorships CHP is able to fulfil its obligation of programme oversight and manage its investments in each LIFTCo and the LIFT estate.

Investment Team

The team is made up of individuals with strong track records and experience spanning fund management, property law, property portfolio management and clinical services from within the NHS and Private sector.

The team works with a large range of partners from the development, investment and financial sectors to attract investment into the NHS and ensure facilities within the Joint Venture Companies are maintained to high standards through the Director roles on each of the 49 LIFT Companies.

The Investment Directors report directly into ED of Investment Management; and further oversight and assurance is provided by CHP’s Finance, Investment and Systems Committee and the CHP Board of Directors.

Proactive leadership and management

The Company is committed to optimising the return on its investments in the LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) estate and realising value in order to reinvest in local communities. CHP takes a proactive role in leadership and management of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), ensuring that money from the public purse is protected and working to increase innovation.