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In addition to the development of the LIFT estate, many of the LIFT Companies (LIFTCos) offer a range of partnering services to support local health economies and other sectors in England.

The services offered include health and social care planning, strategic estates work, land assembly, master planning, regeneration expertise, variations to buildings to meet changing health needs and new builds.

They also undertake capital works, with more than £200 million worth having been delivered to date in addition to the LIFT portfolio.  These range from smaller works through to projects worth more than £20 million.

These services are provided to a range of organisations, including acute, community and mental health trusts, further education, local authorities, social landlords and faith groups.

Each of the LIFT Companies maintain and manage a supply chain that is able to respond swiftly to requests to deliver such services. Many organisations e.g. NHS trusts, CCGs, Local authorities are able to procure these services through the LIFTCo without the need to go through a competitive procurement exercise as they are legal participants of the LIFTCo.

This ability to procure without the risk of challenge saves both time and cost to the public sector.

LIFTCos and their supply chains have been working extensively in their geographic localities for many years and have developed significant local intelligence on public sector estate, health strategy, commissioning and service delivery.

They are well placed to delivery these services and have a contractual obligation to prove value for money in services that are procured and delivered.