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CHP’s Strategic Business Development team supports the NHS Long Term Plan’s focus on out of hospital care, and the infrastructure needed to support a fundamental shift in care delivery, especially into primary and community care.  This is an area where we have made significant investments through our 49 joint venture companies and developed a portfolio of 310 high quality multi-use buildings based in communities of high health need.  The team support the development of Community Diagnostic Centres.

It is important that these investments, on behalf of the NHS continue to deliver value to their local healthcare systems.  Therefore, it is crucial that our buildings are regarded as core assets and considered at the heart of long-term estates planning for primary and community care.

We apply our skills and expertise in NHS infrastructure design, build, funding and operations in our role as a strategic partner.  We actively participate in local conversations, in order to align our portfolio to emerging clinical service models and service contract needs.

We provide:

  • CHP strategic portfolio engagement with local health systems
  • A point of contact for the local system and enable the transformational change of CHP portfolio
  • Change management leadership (internal, external and cross function working)
  • Implementation of short/ medium/ long term investment needs aligned to NHS strategic service and infrastructure needs (including capital)
  • Development of new infrastructure and income generation opportunities
  • Provide required skills, capacity and capability to enable the NHS to respond and enable implementation of the Long Term Plan
  • Enable the NHS to obtain enhanced economic value, increased activity through put at our portfolio base when responding to local population health needs

If you would like to find out how you can get the most out of your local NHS LIFT Estate please email our Strategic Business Development Director James Bawn on