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Building User Group meetings

Every building has regular Building User Group (BUG) meetings.  These give tenants a chance to talk about the building and their experiences, raise issues, make suggestions for improvements and share good news stories.

They are usually held quarterly and are publicised usually via the relevant Tenant Liaison Manager (TLM).

Soft FM services

CHP provides a range of Soft FM services, such as grounds and gardens, cleaning, waste collection and security.  If you need to report a Soft FM service-related issue or task you can call our helpdesk on 0161 868 9512 for assistance. Note: new number from March 2021

Tenant engagement meetings

Tenants can request a meeting with CHP’s Property Management Team either as an individual or a group  – just ask the local TLM.

Building utilisation

CHP can offer a range of expertise to improve or change building utilisation.  The team is happy to sit down with tenants and any relevant commissioners to discuss how best to improve the use of the building or adapt the use to meet changing health needs. 


CHP carries out the annual inspections needed to ensure that all buildings have a Display Energy Certificate . This is included in existing management costs. The fully qualified team advises on ways to improve energy efficiency.  An annual report is provided and the team will work with tenants to advise, make improvements and save costs.  Every 10 years, each building has an in-depth energy audit to ensure that it is operating at the best possible energy efficiency. 

Minor works budget

CHP has a small budget for small improvements to buildings and their environments.   This has been used in the past for such improvements as new seating, noticeboards, fire safety improvements, community garden spaces and much more.

Bookable rooms

The CHP online room booking system, TAP (Tenant Access Portal) allows people to book sessional space in our buildings and is now available in most CHP premises.

Health and Safety

CHP has a health and safety team who carry out health and safety assessments and building fire assessments and are also available to offer advice on a range of issues. 

Customer Services Team

The company has a customer services team who can answer queries and deal with questions about finance.  They can also pass on emails about issues to the people who can help to deal with them.  They can be contacted on

If you have questions about any of the above or any other issues, please speak to the building Tenant Liaison Manager (TLM) in the first instance.

If you do not know the TLM, please contact the Area Property & Asset Manager.