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CHP supports fabric recycling and reuse at charitable projects for a Greener NHS

CHP has donated more than 60 unwanted privacy curtains to charities in Liverpool and Nottingham, enabling people to learn sewing, encourage fabric reuse and support wellbeing. This is a part of ongoing projects supporting initiatives like Recycling Week, measuring and supporting social value activities and delivering sustainable facilities offering safe, flexible, well-used and welcoming spaces.

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abstract bright yellow, pink, orange, red, sky and navy blue painting
Art at the Heart project reflects community Covid experiences in Sheffield

CHP have worked with Sheffield arts charity, Ignite Imaginations, to place two community art installations ‘Cognitive’ and ‘Nexus and Connections’ in primary care buildings as part of their ‘Art at the Heart’ project. Artists worked with local communities to translate their thoughts, feelings and experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic into four striking art installations displayed across the city from December 2020.

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