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Forklift truck with shredded paper bale at Restore Datashred facility
Confidential waste paper recycling at CHP supports a Greener NHS

CHP appointed Restore Datashred in 2021 to ensure the safe, secure, management and disposal of confidential waste paper. Restore Datashred work across 67 sites in the CHP portfolio.

In 2022/23 67 CHP sites produced
274,242 kg of confidential waste with 633 m3 saved from landfill, 4,622 trees saved,164,545 Kg to CO2e saved from being released into the atmosphere and 8,775,744 litres of water saved.

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A photo of Conifers in the mist in a forest
Confidential waste paper recycling reduces landfill and saves trees

As part of CHP’s commitment to a greener NHS, we have been working on recycling initiatives. In April 2021, we changed our confidential waste supplier in 68 buildings across our portfolio. Restore Datashred recycle our confidential paper waste bringing environmental benefits. Since April we have saved 293m3 from landfill, saved over 2,000 trees from felling for paper production and reduced our carbon footprint by 76,288.20kg CO2.

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