CHP services

Our Property and Operations teams deliver safe, sustainable infrastructure that provides value for money and aims to lead in the adoption of professional standards for the facilities we manage.

Everything we do will mobilise around the customer, ensuring we deliver what the customer needs to a high standard and at pace, reducing customer effort, whilst ensuring they also comply with their contractual obligations.​

Leasing and occupation

CHP holds the head leases for over 300 sites on behalf of the NHS and, under the terms of those head leases, is required to have underleases in place for the occupiers of its sites.

Our property and operations teams deal with Head lease variations, Tenant Representative, Under-lease completions, Under-lease transactions, Database changes/updates, Schedule of accommodation, Property Management, Variation Project support, Producing plans, Instructing client for legals, Building budgets and Lifecycle planning.  Read: CHP leases and contact the team.

Contract performance

As Head Tenant, Community Health Partnerships acts as the Tenant Representative, a contractually defined role within the lease agreement, to verify landlord obligations, such as Hard FM, maintenance, statutory compliance, insurance and Lifecycle are delivered.

Our property and operations teams works with the LIFTCo Landlords to review, assure and verify Landlord contractual obligations, statutory compliance, Hard FM delivery, Soft FM delivery, Lifecycle delivery.

Our teams work in partnership to ensure value for money.

Property Developments

CHP has an in-house Developments Team, our centre of excellence for project delivery for new build projects and variations to existing LIFT buildings. Their expert  and delivery of infrastructure projects enables the transformation of local health and care services, and ultimately improved outcomes for patients and NHS staff.

There services includes variation programme and project management, Subject Matter Expert on capital works, building surveying services and feasibility studies.

Professional services

To deliver safe and sustainable buildings we provide a range of professional services. This includes Health & Safety management and advice, Sustainability, our Green Plan and the Net Zero journey, Procurement support, Business Rates, Building Certificates, Technical expertise, Asset planning and Performance benchmarking.

Property Management

As Head Tenant in 308 LIFT buildings we managed the properties on behalf of the NHS, so tenants can focus on delivering excellent care

Property Development

We have the ability to adapt and flex spaces that enables the transformation of local health and care services, and ultimately outcomes for patients and NHS staff.

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