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Service Charges, Leases and Billing

Community Health Partnerships is committed to ensuring that all tenants have a clear understanding of the charges for occupation of NHS LIFT buildings

A Service Charge Guidance note, providing more detailed information, is available on request from your Portfolio Manager.

What is a Service Charge?

A service charge is an annual bill regarding the cost of occupation within a CHP building. It includes rent and rates, insurance and utilities including water and sewerage costs, facilities management (Soft FM and Hard FM).  This bill is split into two invoices over the year. 

Each bill will differ due to the services CHP provide differing between buildings. 

For GPs the costs for rent, business rates, water and clinical waste collection are reimbursable. Please speak to your Portfolio Manager about how to reclaim this cost.

How your charges are calculated

Your charges are calculated on a cost recovery basis in line with either the terms in your lease or, in the absence of a lease, the percentage of space you occupy within the building.

Your annual budget statement shows all costs we reasonably expect to be incurred in operating the building. Only those charges relevant to your organisation or occupation will be charged to you. 

At the end of the statement monthly billing amounts are shown, which we expect not to change in year unless there is a significant change and not without prior consultation.

Separate charges are made for business rates, service charges and SoftFM costs, where applicable, and other ancillary charges relative to tenants’ occupation. 

CHP Leases

As a tenant in one of our buildings, you will be aware that we have been working to regularise all sub‐tenancies through formal under-lease agreements, with the aim of ensuring that all of our sub-tenants are on a properly regulated lease.

For more in-depth information about your CHP leases head to our leases page to read about how one could benefit you.

For more information about how your annual charge is calculated, what is in it and FAQs, view A Guide to your tenancy charges 2024/2025 (PDF).

CHP Tenant Hub

The hub covers information for CHP tenants on health and safety, sustainability, facilities management including HardFM, and SoftFM, leases, charges and billing.

In addition there is information on bookable rooms and filming at our premises.

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