Services for Tenants

Building User Group (BUG) meetings 

Meetings take place regularly and are an opportunity for tenants to feed back about CHP and the services provided in the building.  

They are also a good way to find out what’s going on in the buildings and to meet other tenants. 

All meetings are minuted and feedback is given on any issues raised.  

The meetings are organised by the Operations and Relationship Manager whose details can be found in your Tenant Handbook (specific to your building). 

Tenant communications – quarterly and monthly newsletters 

Each quarter we publish corporate newsletters with updates for tenants on topics like health and safety, cleaning and SoftFM, sustainability, leases, and billing.  

In 2022/23 we are moving to monthly corporate updates.  

Regional newsletters 

In addition, there are quarterly updates from each region (London, South, NE, NW and Midlands) providing news from across the patch.  This includes news updates, staff news and recognition certificates, events and projects at CHP buildings. 

Tenant survey 

CHP is committed to continuous service improvement.    Regular surveys of our tenants and building users take place run by an independent survey company to guarantee confidentiality.  The feedback from these surveys helps us to identify any priority areas for improvement and, of course, good practice which we can share across CHP. 

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