Avoiding Needlestick Injury

It is important our tenants know the guidance on how to prevent Needle stick injuries as they are one of the highest accidents/ incidents reported to us at CHP, in the last few months there have had 17 reports for needle stick injuries.

Supplying healthcare workers with safe needle and sharps devices that provide protection via sheathing or needle retraction actions. Maintaining and educating staff on the organization’s exposure control plan and safety strategies to best minimize potential injuries.

Sharps injuries and contamination incidents should be prevented wherever possible by appropriate use and implementation of Standard Precautions such as good hand hygiene; appropriate use of personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves) and safe handling and disposal of needles and other sharp instruments.

Avoiding recapping needles. Planning for safe handling and disposal of needles before using them. Promptly disposing of used needles in conveniently placed and appropriate sharps disposal containers. Reporting all needlestick and sharps-related injuries promptly to ensure that you receive appropriate follow-up care

Here are some simple steps to help you stay ‘sharps safe’:
  • Avoid leaving sharps lying around.
  • Avoid re-sheathing any used needles or razors.
  • Do not bend or break needles before discarding them.
  • Place contaminated sharps/razors in disposal containers approved to BS 7320:1990, immediately after use.
  • Do not ask for a sharp item to be taken from you or to be disposed of by someone else.
  • Do not walk unnecessary distances with a sharp in hand.
  • Dispose of sharps in an appropriate sharp container; never in a waste bin or plastic bag.
  • Dispose of sharps immediately after use, not later, to avoid needlestick injuries.

More advice is available in the Health and Safety section of the tenant hub.

CHP Tenant Hub

The hub covers information for CHP tenants on health and safety, sustainability, facilities management including HardFM, and SoftFM, leases, charges and billing. In addition there is information on bookable rooms and filming at our premises.

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