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CHP: Delivering a Greener NHS – Update on 2023/24 activities

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is committed to supporting sustainability within the NHS. This commitment extends across our 308 healthcare buildings, which we aim to make as efficient, sustainable, and resilient as possible. Published in 2022, our CHP Green Plan outlines the path to Net Zero for both the LIFT estate and our corporate functions. As part of the NHS family, our CHP Green Plan aligns with the NHS’s ambition to be the world’s first net-zero health system, creating a Greener NHS.
Our green vision is to put sustainable development at the heart of our company to ensure our estate and operations are as resilient as the can possibly be. CHP Green Plan

Our CHP Green Plan is helping drive organisational change, supporting our customers with their sustainability ambitions, and working in partnership with LIFTCos and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to deliver a greener NHS. A comprehensive Net Zero Delivery Plan 2023-28 has been published outlining key actions for the next five years.

2023-24 - a year of sustainability progress

National partnerships supporting sustainability

CHP is a key member of the HM Government Property Function Property Sustainability Board, bringing expertise and experience together across the public sector estate.

The CHP sustainability team hosted NHS England Estates and Facilities team, NHS Property Services Sustainability and Net Zero team at our Manchester head office in August. The three teams meet monthly to discuss projects, issues and plans for 2024/25.

CHP is proud to play its part in delivering national projects with NHS England including a Greener NHS ( and working with Active Travel England. We are confident that by working together, we can create a more sustainable and healthy future for the NHS.

A graphic of cycling electric ambulance wind farms recycling solar

LIFTco Partnerships supporting sustainability

CHP prioritises collaboration. We partner with LIFTCos to understand their Net Zero goals and ensure alignment with our own.

  • Decarbonisation audits were conducted for energy-intensive sites and those with lower energy performance ratings.
  • Internally, we’re developing a digital platform to streamline utilities data collection and reporting.
  • In May 2024, the CHP Sustainability team delivered Carbon Literacy training to staff at the Eric Wright Group – a key partner across Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Partnership working across CHP teams

In 2023/24, Community Health Partnerships championed sustainability initiatives across the organisation, fostering a collaborative environment to achieve a Greener NHS and support the NHS’s net zero ambitions. Here are some key highlights:

  • Optimising Building Performance: The CHP Technical Services team embarked on a nationwide effort, working alongside tenants to identify operational issues within healthcare buildings. This collaborative approach aimed at reducing energy inefficiencies, lowering tenant costs, and improving the working environment for NHS staff.
  • Integrating Net Zero Standards: The CHP Developments team partnered with the Sustainability Team to develop a comprehensive Sustainability Impact Assessment tool. This ensures that Net Zero Building standards are integrated into all development projects and variations, future-proofing CHP’s healthcare infrastructure.
  • Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: In collaboration with the CHP Digital team, an innovative energy dashboard is in development. This collaborative effort will empower informed decision making by providing real-time data for more effective energy management, reporting, and monitoring across CHP’s healthcare portfolio.

Biodiversity projects in 2023/24

We are enhancing communal planting areas to support biodiversity and believe collaboration is key; we partner with charities, social enterprises, and volunteer groups to achieve these goals.

  • Encouraging staff and patients to participate in gardening activities: This can create a sense of ownership and foster a connection with nature.
  • Installing bird feeders and nesting boxes: This provides habitat and food sources for birds, making the area more attractive for them.
  • Adding  bug hotels or log piles: These structures provide shelter for overwintering insects and other invertebrates.
  • Collaboration with Volunteer Cornwall to host active travel initiatives and green space projects at Penntorr Health centre and other buildings across the South West.

By implementing these ideas, NHS healthcare centres can create a more welcoming and sustainable environment for patients, staff, and the local wildlife.


Sustainable health care: Cleaning, Waste and Soft FM services

Sustainability and net zero requirements are integrated into the soft FM contract procruements taking place in 2023/24, for services CHP manages on behalf of tenants, including cleaning, security, and waste services.  We have many projects that support sustainable waste including recycling.

Read CHP waste updates:

Read NHS updates:

Renewable Energy and energy advice

As a key member of the NHS family, Community Health Partnerships is committed to supporting the NHS’s ambitious goal of achieving a net zero health service. Renewable energy projects play a pivotal role in this transition, and CHP is well-positioned to champion their implementation across our 308 healthcare buildings. We can help  reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and minimise the environmental footprint of our primary care healthcare facilities. This contributes to a Greener NHS helping to provide the best possible care for our patients.

CHP works with our LIFTco partners to implement energy efficiency projects across the portfolio.  

Renewable energy projects include:

  • 100% LED lights in 13 Hull health centres (January 2023) working with Sewell Facilities Management and Citycare Hull (LIFTCo) replacing almost 7,000 light fittings with low-energy LEDs,  reducing energy usage and costs, and lessening their carbon footprint.
  • The CHP sustainability team are supporting Stoke and Staffordshire ICB with a photo voltaic panel project proposal.
  • Foleshill Health Centre has photo voltaic panels on the roof providing electricity to the building and there are no fossil fuels used on site.
Sewell FM team install the final LEDs at Elliott Chappell Health Centre, Hull

Energy advice

Energy consumption at CHP sites is the largest contributor to our portfolio carbon footprint and makes up a significant amount of our tenants’ occupancy charges.

We are working closely with our landlords’ service provider colleagues to improve efficiency and optimise energy performance across the CHP estate.


Supporting Active Travel

We have plans for more electric car charging points, bike storage and encouraging sustainable transport at our primary care buildings.

Read: NHS Net zero travel and transport strategy (October 2023)

Read: Sustainability Update for Tenants: Active travel and cycling Feb 2024

Electric vehicle charging points
CHP continues to investigate bespoke options for electric vehicle (EV) charging points at our sites across England, working with local LIFTCo teams, tenants, and ICSs.  This will enable us to support the installation of the appropriate chargers to meet local needs.  
Please contact the CHP sustainability team below to discuss your options.

Sustainability training for CHP staff

Sustainability Forums for CHP staff held in all five regions in 2023/24, bringing together Property and Operations teams to discuss and explain key themes of sustainability across CHP activities. Topics included electric vehicle charging, optimising building energy efficiency, understanding DECS and EPCs, Green Space and Biodiversity, and waste and recyclining. The teams also discussed Net Zero Carbon including carbon emissions by region, building, or LIFTco areas and the importance of protecting the environment, climate change and its impact on health.

  • Sustainability e-learning is launched in 2023/24 with learning for all CHP staff with a particular focus for the CHP Property and Operations team. Courses include
    ‘Building a Net Zero NHS’, ‘Healthcare waste management and disposal’ and ‘Energy Aware’.
  • Energy and waste education programmes for tenants are supported by ORMs and via BUG meetings.

Sustainability training for tenants

CHP is committed to supporting tenants on their sustainability journey.

Tenants can access Sustainability resources via E-learning for Healthcare ( Course information and sign-up details are available below:

Foleshill Health Centre

At Community Health Partnerships we are proud to have funded and built the £3.3m Foleshill Health Centre (FHC) in Coventry. This pioneering project is the UK’s first Passivhaus Classic certified health centre, achieving the leading international standard for low-energy buildings.

The FHC demonstrates the power of Passivhaus design principles and modern methods of construction (MMC) to deliver high-performance, sustainable healthcare facilities. We utilised a proven MMC approach, partnering with Portakabin to construct the centre from prefabricated modules. This streamlined process significantly reduced build time by 30% compared to traditional methods, taking just 10 months to complete. This rapid construction timeline proved particularly advantageous given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foleshill Health Centre opened its doors to patients in August 2021 delivering this innovative and environmentally friendly healthcare building for the people of Coventry.

Foleshill Health Centre from the west and carpark
Foleshill Health Centre, Coventry
An image of airsource heat pumps on exterior north wall Foleshill Health centre
Air source heat pumps connected to small radiators
CHP Green Plan - a greener CHP, a greener NHS (PDF)

In 2022 CHP published our 'Green Plan: A Greener CHP a Greener NHS'. We have emebedded our Green Plan into our business, committing resources, supporting staff taking action to ensure it is a success.

Our Green Plan is helping drive organisational change, supporting our customers with their sustainability ambitions, and working in partnership with LIFTCos and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to deliver a Greener NHS.

Contact the sustainability team at CHP

If you are a tenant, an ICS or Trust partner, and want to know more about how CHP can support your sustainability plans, please contact your local CHP Property and Operations team or our CHP Sustainability team.

If any tenants have questions about Sustainability at CHP, our Green plan or any other net zero project please contact the Sustainability team via and copy in the ORM for your building.

Sustainability at CHP

As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Sustainable Facilities are one of our five strategic aims and Sustainability is one of our four corporate social responsibility pillars. Aligning with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040, the team at CHP are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon for the LIFT estate by 2040 and 2030 for our corporate functions.

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