Wooden Wellbeing Garden All Welcome in a wild flower meadow at Penntorr Health Centre

CHP Sustainability Update for Tenants – Green Space and Biodiversity July 2023

We are living in a time of real challenge, facing interlinked nature, climate and health emergencies that are impacting every part of life. But there are still ways to make positive changes. Restoring nature can help tackle the climate crisis and improve human health too.

We must reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and rapidly, but we also need to ‘mop up’ excess carbon that’s already in the atmosphere.

There’s been much talk and research into technical fixes to clean up our atmosphere – mechanical methods of carbon capture and storage, injecting into rocks, burying it under the sea. But there’s a much simpler method working with NATURE. Trees, plants, peatlands, rewilding, and ecosystems are the perfect carbon sponge and store.

It doesn’t have to be acres of woodland to make a difference, every square metre of green space, wildflower garden, window box, and courtyard planter contributes. As well as reducing carbon from the atmosphere and improving air quality; increasing plants, trees and green spaces helps to reduce temperatures and limit flood risk.

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life forms on Earth, including plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms, and the ecosystems they form. By incorporating biodiversity initiatives into the NHS we can create a healthier and more sustainable environment for both patients and staff.

Green spaces and biodiversity support health and wellbeing

Promoting biodiversity at CHP health centres provides benefits for patients, staff, and the environment. From improving mental and physical health to supporting pollinators and enhancing air quality, biodiversity initiatives play a crucial role in creating a sustainable environment. Additionally, by aligning with the NHS carbon net zero goals, health centres can contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

As we continue to prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility, embracing biodiversity at CHP health centres is a step towards a healthier and greener future. Alongside the environmental benefits, accessing green spaces has been proven to support human health and wellbeing. 

What’s good for the planet, is good for people.

Green spaces projects at CHP buildings

CHP has supported many gardening projects across our buildings, including raised beds, courtyard gardens, wildflower and vegetable gardens as well as providing seating. Our local CHP Property and Operations teams work with healthcare staff based at our sites, social prescribing teams, local charities and volunteering groups.

CHP has supported several social prescribing and other volunteer projects at our healthcare buildings; volunteer gardening is an example of social prescribing in action. It offers patients physical exercise, mental relaxation, a sense of purpose, and a supportive community. By promoting sustainability and fostering community engagement, these gardens become a hub for holistic health improvement. 

Social prescribing is a healthcare approach that involves connecting patients with non-medical resources to improve their overall health and well-being. It recognizes that health is influenced by a range of social, economic, and environmental factors. Volunteer gardening perfectly fits into this concept, as it provides patients with an opportunity to engage in meaningful activities that contribute positively to their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Sensory, edible gardens and wildflower projects at CHP buildings

Edible Sensory Garden at Mere Lane Health Centre Liverpool
Finchley Memorial Hospital London
Penntorr Health Centre, Cornwall - picnic table donated by CHP
Penntorr Health Centre, wildflower meadow and wellbeing garden

By prioritising these biodiversity practices, CHP tenants can contribute to environmental sustainability, support a Greener NHS ( and set an example for the local community.

Wooden Wellbeing Garden All Welcome in a wild flower meadow at Penntorr Health Centre

CHP needs your ideas to promote Biodiversity

Have you got ideas or suggestions for gardens, planters and increasing green space at your site? Get in touch and let us know! Please email the description and photos to sustainability@communityhealthpartnerships and copy in your ORM.

Recent Garden Projects at CHP Buildings

The Energise Centre Garden revamp: A community project for health and wellness

in 2022 the tenants at The Energise Centre in Salford came together to initiate a community gardening project, called “Grow Together Gardening Group,” in order to revamp the courtyard space in the centre, combat social isolation, improve mental health, and teach users new skills. The Big Life Group, an organisation dedicated to fighting inequality, led the project to create a wellness garden.

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Courtyard Gardens at Fareham Community Hospital officially opens

The Courtyard Gardens at Fareham Community Hospital were officially opened by The Right Honourable Suella Braverman KC MP and The Worshipful the Mayor of Fareham Michael Ford and the Mayoress Anne Ford last week (Friday 28 October), including the unveiling of a tree for the Queens Green Canopy project, located within the hospital grounds

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Contact the Sustainability Team at CHP

If you are a tenant, an ICS or Trust partner, and want to know more about how CHP can support your sustainability plans, please contact your local CHP Property and Operations team or our CHP Sustainability team.

If any tenants have questions about Sustainability at CHP, our Green plan or any other net zero project please contact the Sustainability team via and copy in the ORM for your building.

Sustainability at CHP

As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Sustainable Facilities are one of our five strategic aims and Sustainability is one of our four corporate social responsibility pillars. Aligning with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040, the team at CHP are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon for the LIFT estate by 2040 and 2030 for our corporate functions.

CHP Tenant Hub

The hub covers information for CHP tenants on health and safety, sustainability, facilities management including HardFM, and SoftFM, leases, charges and billing.

In addition there is information on bookable rooms and filming at our premises.

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